Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tangle Teezer.

So as I said in my post from Friday;  I Have Resorted to Using Kids' Hair Products., I have always had shockingly awful tangles. My hair gets unbelievably knotty and tangled, for no apparent reason. I got my hair cut yesterday and while my hairdresser was attacking the knots I asked why it got so tangled, she had no clue, as I apparently have very healthy hair, its beautifully shiny and soft, and I have never ever used hair dye on it (yes, that's right, I'm a hair dye virgin!). 

Anyway, along with my L'Oreal Kids de-tangling spray, I have also invested in a Tangle Teezer. It cost £10.99, and I got the sparkly purple one, and O.M.G. What a godsend!!!! Why on earth did I not get one before?! I used it today (along with the spray) and it went straight through - no tangles at all! Amazing! Unfortunately it is sold out on the Boots website, but you can get it on other online stores or like me you can just buy it in-store :) 

Such a pretty colour!!

The shape makes it fit in your hand perfectly - no slippages!

The Tangle Teezer's 'specially-designed teeth flex just the right amount
to minimise tugging while smoothing the cuticle.'


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