Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Valentine's Day.

So in the end my V-Day yesterday turned out OK. I went into central and met a couple of the girls for a girlie night. We went to Harrods and cooed at the puppy's and kittens in 'Pet Kingdom', gasped at the prices of a 'doggy cupcake', and almost fainted when we saw the 'animal fashion' section. But seriously...why would you dress your dog up in a pilots outfit?! Although I would dress him up as a cow...(yes, they had doggy fancy dress costumes). 

We then headed to the food court to blag some free samples, before running into Francis Boulle on our way to Starbucks. I didn't want to stop and say hello to him...not after what happened on NYE. Although my friend did suggest I tweet him, so I tweeted him.

Yes, he did almost get hit by a taxi, and he did wave very nicely to the taxi driver who avoided hitting him. He is definitely too cool for school. (B added this bit to the tweet - not me!)

Thinking about it now, I should have said; 
'@FrancisBoulle spotted outside harrods, dateless on VD and almost hit by a taxi!' 
I joke, I joke.

So anyway, all in all it turned out to be a good V-Day, despite getting lost in Hammersmith after missing the turning to the Hammersmith Flyover on the way home (this was someone else's fault though for phoning me while I was wasn't my fault.)

Happy Valentine's Day for yesterday everyone!


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