Sunday, 26 February 2012

Quote of The Week #6.

I've had a pretty lazy day after my busy week. I woke up around 11:30am, which is pretty rare for me...usually I'm awake by 8am at the latest, so I must have needed the sleep! All I've done today is catch up on reading some blogs, and then I watched the 25th Anniversary recording of Les Miserables live at the O2. This inspired me to think of my 'dream cast' for Les Mis, so before I show you my Quote of the week here is my Dream Cast (for the main characters);

Jean Valjean - Alfie Boe
Javert - Hadley Fraser
Fantine - Caroline Sheen
Cosette - Katie Hall
Eponine - Samantha Barks 
Marius - Craig Mather
Thernadier - Alun Armstrong or Matt Lucas
Madame Thernadier - Jenny Galloway or Helena Bonham Carter 
Enjolras - Ramin Karimloo

Reasons: Although I saw Ramin as JVJ last week, for me Alfie Boe is the perfect JVJ and I really do think Ramin the perfect Enjolras. Colm Wilkinson is obviously amazing as well, but too old for the role now. Although I love Norm Lewis as Javert, Hadley's voice is much stronger, more powerful, and he has a much more menacing and animalistic stage presence, which is of course the character of Javert through and through. Thernadier, I love love love Alun Armstrong's voice and acting on the Original Cast Recording (I have never seen Alun Armstrong on stage), but Matt Lucas is absolutely hilarious! And with Madame Thernadier, I have always seen Jenny Galloway as the perfect Madame Thernadier, but after hearing that Helena Bonham Carter is going to be Madame Thernadier in the 2012 Les Mis film, I can totally imagine her in the part and think she would be great on stage! She just has the ability to play evil characters and come across as absolutely disgusting - Bellatrix Lestrange in Harry Potter and Mrs Lovett in Sweeny Todd for example. 

Right, on to Quote of the Week! I love Oscar Wilde so much, so here's a very true quote from him :)

Oscar Wilde Quote



  1. Wilde has some wonderful quotes. I'm quite fond of him as well.

  2. Hi Catherine,

    As one of my fave bloggers I'd like to invite you to take part in the Into Geek carnival. Details here:


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