Thursday, 23 February 2012

Les Miserables - Ramin and Hadley.

Yesterday I went into Central to see Les Miserables, for like, the fifth time. It still remains my favourite musical, along with Phantom. I got my ticket a few months back for just £25 on their 'under 25's for £25' offer. A top price £65 ticket in the stalls for £25 - bargain! It was also the first time I have been to the theatre by myself, and ya know what, I actually really enjoyed it! I had no one sitting there nudging me and whispering to me about what was going on, I could actually just sit there and enjoy it.

I went to the matinee performance so met a friend at ROSL for lunch in the Buttery first - they do the best chips and ice-cream ever! And I'm pretty sure Richard Griffiths was sitting at the table next to us...if it wasn't him then the guy looked exactly like him!!! I really wanted to Club Sandwich but it was Ash Wednesday so had to have the mushroom ravioli - boring! So I made up for my lack of club sandwich by having the ice-cream after hehe :P

The main reason I went to see Les Mis again was because both Ramin Karimloo and Hadley Fraser are in it at the moment (you may remember they were both in the Phantom 25th anniversary performance at the RAH), and I love them both so just had to see Les Mis while they were both in it! I was a bit worried at first that neither of them would be in it or one might but the other might not due to it being a matinee, but thankfully they were both there, and they were both amazing.

The entire cast at the moment is incredible, Alexia Khadime who is currently playing Eponine has THE most beautiful voice,  her voice was so incredible. As usual Ramin gave an outstanding performance, and played a very good Jean Valjean - Bring Him Home was absolutely beautiful.

Hadley played Javert, and as Javert is quite an old character I wasn't sure how it would work...but of course the hair and make-up were excellent, and Hadley really was perfect for the role...his voice is really strong and powerful which helped give the impression he was a lot older, and he had this amazing commanding presence on the stage that made you feel as though you'd do anything he told you to do, and then when he sang Stars, my heart just melted. He's just so talented! And OMG his shout, I don't know how to describe it but it's got like a snarl/bark to it, but it's so sexy! Literally the sexiest shout ever...he can shout at me anytime he wants! But aside from his sexy shout it was also nice to see him in a much more serious and difficult role, as lets be honest now, Raoul in Phantom is a bit of a wimpy weed, he kinda just floats around after Christine like a lost puppy and getting bullied by the Phantom. So if you're a fan of Les Mis or want to see it, definitely go while Hadley Fraser and Ramin Karimloo are in it! You'll have to be quick though, as Ramin finishes his role as JVJ on 31st March 2012.

Here's a video/recording of his shout (in the first 5 seconds of the video) and the confrontation between Javert (Hadley Fraser) and Thernadier (Matt Lucas);

Also, here's Hadley as Javert singing Stars;

Aaand one more, the Javert suicide (absolutely phenomenal!)

Ramin Karimloo as Jean Val-Jean and Hadley Fraser as Javert



  1. OMG! I totally found this post by accident but I just though I had to comment. I saw Hadley Fraser and Alfie Boe when I went. Hadley and Ramin worked together on Les Mis 25th as well (musical geek haha) x

    1. SO jealous you saw Alfie Bow!!! And yess, I know, I have the Les Mis 25th DVD hehe :D


  2. Just seen this as I'm really struggling to find a full recording with Ramin as JVJ. Impossible!.. Anyway, I went to see Les Mis and now I'm rather upset that I could have seen it with both Ramin AND Hadley?!

    The JVJ and Javert in the show that I saw weren't that great and Cosette was pretty awful... Eponine was brilliant though!


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