Monday, 13 February 2012

Last Friday Night.

Last Friday night I had a fabulous evening that went on to the early hours of Saturday morning. It was a very random night, and absolutely spontaneous, but a lot of fun! I headed into London around 6pm, and had dinner with a friend before meeting another friend to go to St Martin in the Fields for Rachmaninoff Vespers with the Cardiff Polyphonic Choir. The Choir were absolutely breathtaking, and the Vespers themselves beautiful. Of course St Martin in the Fields just rounded it all of, as it is such a stunning building, and the atmosphere was wonderful. 

After the concert we headed to Mayfair Bar to meet a group of friends. I wasn't very impressed with Mayfair Bar, it was busy and the people weren't very friendly. I also discovered later on that Mayfair Bar is famous for prostitutes and Russian businessmen. Nice. I don't think I'll be going there again.

We then went to Kensington Roof Gardens for some dancing. I loveee Roof Gardens so much! Not only do they never check ID (I'm 20 and it's over 21's) but they also have great music, it's nice inside, and of course outside you have the beautiful gardens. We were a bit worried as we were walking in though, as a police van pulled up outside and a huge group of policemen jumped out and ran inside! Thankfully it turned out that they were just doing licensing checks. We stayed at KRG until about 2:30am, when we decided to go to a friends place for an 'after-party' (not as debaucherous as it was just six of us sitting around an antiques-filled living room sipping wine). 

I eventually rolled in at 5:30am...and had 'accidentally' forgotten to tell my parents I was coming back to their house instead of going back to my house at Uni. So I got home at 5:30am, and tried to be as quiet as possible, but I got into my bedroom and flung the light on, to be faced with my super king-size bed covered in curtains, blinds, and everything that was previously on my floor. Basically my parents had had new windows put in my bedroom (without telling me), and so instead of clearing it all off my bed, I decided to sleep in the spare bedroom. 

Now, I swear I was as quiet as possible. But. My Dad hears every little sound and wakes at the slightest creak. As I was getting into bed I heard him walking up and down the stairs, before switching on the landing light, so I went to the door and as I heard him coming around the corner towards the spare bedroom and my bedroom, I flung the door open....well, I gave him the fright of his life! He leapt backwards, shouting out, and then proceeded to lecture me on coming home at 5:30am and making him think I was a burglar. Woops :/ sorry Dad! 

And, I even managed to get to work on-time at 11am!

Claire and I at Kensington Roof Gardens

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