Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tangle Teezer.

So as I said in my post from Friday;  I Have Resorted to Using Kids' Hair Products., I have always had shockingly awful tangles. My hair gets unbelievably knotty and tangled, for no apparent reason. I got my hair cut yesterday and while my hairdresser was attacking the knots I asked why it got so tangled, she had no clue, as I apparently have very healthy hair, its beautifully shiny and soft, and I have never ever used hair dye on it (yes, that's right, I'm a hair dye virgin!). 

Anyway, along with my L'Oreal Kids de-tangling spray, I have also invested in a Tangle Teezer. It cost £10.99, and I got the sparkly purple one, and O.M.G. What a godsend!!!! Why on earth did I not get one before?! I used it today (along with the spray) and it went straight through - no tangles at all! Amazing! Unfortunately it is sold out on the Boots website, but you can get it on other online stores or like me you can just buy it in-store :) 

Such a pretty colour!!

The shape makes it fit in your hand perfectly - no slippages!

The Tangle Teezer's 'specially-designed teeth flex just the right amount
to minimise tugging while smoothing the cuticle.'


Sunday, 26 February 2012

Quote of The Week #6.

I've had a pretty lazy day after my busy week. I woke up around 11:30am, which is pretty rare for me...usually I'm awake by 8am at the latest, so I must have needed the sleep! All I've done today is catch up on reading some blogs, and then I watched the 25th Anniversary recording of Les Miserables live at the O2. This inspired me to think of my 'dream cast' for Les Mis, so before I show you my Quote of the week here is my Dream Cast (for the main characters);

Jean Valjean - Alfie Boe
Javert - Hadley Fraser
Fantine - Caroline Sheen
Cosette - Katie Hall
Eponine - Samantha Barks 
Marius - Craig Mather
Thernadier - Alun Armstrong or Matt Lucas
Madame Thernadier - Jenny Galloway or Helena Bonham Carter 
Enjolras - Ramin Karimloo

Reasons: Although I saw Ramin as JVJ last week, for me Alfie Boe is the perfect JVJ and I really do think Ramin the perfect Enjolras. Colm Wilkinson is obviously amazing as well, but too old for the role now. Although I love Norm Lewis as Javert, Hadley's voice is much stronger, more powerful, and he has a much more menacing and animalistic stage presence, which is of course the character of Javert through and through. Thernadier, I love love love Alun Armstrong's voice and acting on the Original Cast Recording (I have never seen Alun Armstrong on stage), but Matt Lucas is absolutely hilarious! And with Madame Thernadier, I have always seen Jenny Galloway as the perfect Madame Thernadier, but after hearing that Helena Bonham Carter is going to be Madame Thernadier in the 2012 Les Mis film, I can totally imagine her in the part and think she would be great on stage! She just has the ability to play evil characters and come across as absolutely disgusting - Bellatrix Lestrange in Harry Potter and Mrs Lovett in Sweeny Todd for example. 

Right, on to Quote of the Week! I love Oscar Wilde so much, so here's a very true quote from him :)

Oscar Wilde Quote


Saturday, 25 February 2012

PUBLIC Nightclub.

On Friday a few friends and I had a night out to celebrate my progress on my Dissertation! We went for drinks at the RAC, before heading to PUBLIC nightclub in Chelsea. I've been wanting to go to PUBLIC for a while, it's known for being a celebrity hang-out and is owned by Prince William's best friend, Guy Pelly. Unfortunately we didn't bump into any Royals or Celebs in there...the only person we recognized was Lizo Mzimba from the BBC (see photos below).

Although I've been wanting to go for a long time, I've been put off by the fact they don't do a guest-list and everyone always says how busy and difficult to get into it is, but we thought we'd give it a go. Needless to say there was no queue (we got there around midnight), and we were whisked straight in, no questions asked. I started worrying when they asked us to get our ID's out, asked us to join the 'ID checking queue' and announced that it is strictly over 21's....I'm still 20. Damn. They checked my ID and luckily just let me through, no questions asked, obviously one 20-year-old female isn't on their list of people to turn away. Also it was only £15 to get in, which is pretty cheap for London! 

Once we were in we didn't know where to go first! It was so exciting, it was like walking into a glamorous industrial warehouse - which is the look they were apparently going for, so obviously that's why it felt like that. Anyway, we went and got drinks, had fun in the photobooth (yes, they have their own photobooth in there!), and then went dancing until we got bored of being pushed around by drunk people and myself and Claire got fed up of being hit on by sleazy men.

So we then went to investigate the famous fairground horses - we had great fun posing for photos with them! After a couple of hours inside PUBLIC we got a bit bored (the DJ wasn't that great) and decided to go to Vingt Quatre for food before heading home. I had the Buttermilk Pancakes as usual. They are H E A V E N. They're basically American style pancakes, with berries, maple syrup and crispy bacon - perfect combination!

All in all it was a fantastic night with some great friends and of course fabulous food at the end :)
Claire and I 
Lizo Mzimba!!
Claire and I with the horses 
Vingt Quatre Buttermilk Pancakes

Friday, 24 February 2012

I Have Resorted to Using Kids' Hair Products.

I have always had really knotty hair, it tangles very very easily as it's quite fine but there's a lot of it - hairdressers hate me and my hair-brush hates me - and I ALWAYS have to carry a hairbrush with me everywhere I go. 

I have tried most de-tangling sprays, and nothing seems to work, but I was in Sainsburys yesterday and got drawn to the L'Oreal Kids section...I remembered using one of their de-tangling sprays as a child, and eventually remembered it was the pear smelling one. It was there sitting on the shelf next to all of those fish shaped shampoo bottles, so I bought it. I can't remember if it worked or not, but my mum used to buy it regularly so it must have done something! I'll let y'all know how I get on with it. I really should get one of those tangle teezer's.


Thursday, 23 February 2012

Les Miserables - Ramin and Hadley.

Yesterday I went into Central to see Les Miserables, for like, the fifth time. It still remains my favourite musical, along with Phantom. I got my ticket a few months back for just £25 on their 'under 25's for £25' offer. A top price £65 ticket in the stalls for £25 - bargain! It was also the first time I have been to the theatre by myself, and ya know what, I actually really enjoyed it! I had no one sitting there nudging me and whispering to me about what was going on, I could actually just sit there and enjoy it.

I went to the matinee performance so met a friend at ROSL for lunch in the Buttery first - they do the best chips and ice-cream ever! And I'm pretty sure Richard Griffiths was sitting at the table next to us...if it wasn't him then the guy looked exactly like him!!! I really wanted to Club Sandwich but it was Ash Wednesday so had to have the mushroom ravioli - boring! So I made up for my lack of club sandwich by having the ice-cream after hehe :P

The main reason I went to see Les Mis again was because both Ramin Karimloo and Hadley Fraser are in it at the moment (you may remember they were both in the Phantom 25th anniversary performance at the RAH), and I love them both so just had to see Les Mis while they were both in it! I was a bit worried at first that neither of them would be in it or one might but the other might not due to it being a matinee, but thankfully they were both there, and they were both amazing.

The entire cast at the moment is incredible, Alexia Khadime who is currently playing Eponine has THE most beautiful voice,  her voice was so incredible. As usual Ramin gave an outstanding performance, and played a very good Jean Valjean - Bring Him Home was absolutely beautiful.

Hadley played Javert, and as Javert is quite an old character I wasn't sure how it would work...but of course the hair and make-up were excellent, and Hadley really was perfect for the role...his voice is really strong and powerful which helped give the impression he was a lot older, and he had this amazing commanding presence on the stage that made you feel as though you'd do anything he told you to do, and then when he sang Stars, my heart just melted. He's just so talented! And OMG his shout, I don't know how to describe it but it's got like a snarl/bark to it, but it's so sexy! Literally the sexiest shout ever...he can shout at me anytime he wants! But aside from his sexy shout it was also nice to see him in a much more serious and difficult role, as lets be honest now, Raoul in Phantom is a bit of a wimpy weed, he kinda just floats around after Christine like a lost puppy and getting bullied by the Phantom. So if you're a fan of Les Mis or want to see it, definitely go while Hadley Fraser and Ramin Karimloo are in it! You'll have to be quick though, as Ramin finishes his role as JVJ on 31st March 2012.

Here's a video/recording of his shout (in the first 5 seconds of the video) and the confrontation between Javert (Hadley Fraser) and Thernadier (Matt Lucas);

Also, here's Hadley as Javert singing Stars;

Aaand one more, the Javert suicide (absolutely phenomenal!)

Ramin Karimloo as Jean Val-Jean and Hadley Fraser as Javert


Thursday, 16 February 2012

Always, Perfectly, Everyplace, Me.

My favourite book of all time is Cloudstreet by Tim Winton, so I was very excited when I found out that Cloudstreet was finally coming to UK television screens after being shown in Australia couple of months back! So, it came, and it was amazing. I just watched the last episode, and oh my. Most beautiful television I have ever seen in my life. All of those involved in the making of this TV Series should be so incredibly proud of themselves, they did a fantastic job and really did do the book justice. I'm a bit of an emotional mess after watching the last episode...I've been waiting four years for this. Ever since I first read the book in my final year of school I have wanted to see this on television, and finally, it's happened. 

The series started back in January, and was shown on Sky Atlantic on Sunday evenings. I always recorded it and then watched it during the week as there's never anything good on tv during the week so it gave me something to look forward to. Every week each episode has amazed me - the cinematography, the actors, the setting, the narration, the emotion. I also love the fact they included narration with passages from the book, and every scene was just breathtaking, it's made me miss Perth so much! Also, every character was exactly how I had imagined them when reading the book, which just goes to show how incredible these actors are! Special mentions to Stephen Curry who played Sam Pickles, Kerry Fox who played Oriel Lamb, and Hugo Johnstone-Burt who played Fish Lamb. Those three for me were just outstanding! 

My only dislikes about the television series;
1. They didn't really portray the meaning behind the house and Aborigines very well; so I think those who haven't read the book would find it very difficult to understand the importance of the piano, middle C note, house 'breathing' and the Aboriginal girls/ghosts etc.
2. They missed out important parts of the book. I know you can't include everything from a book into a television series, but they could have easily taken it into a 'full' series instead of a 'mini' series, added an extra couple of episodes and gone into the Quick and Rose story more; included them moving into the new suburb, Quick as a policeman, Rose's battle with anorexia, the miscarriage, the Nedlands Monster, them moving back to Cloudstreet and having Wax Harry after all of that heartache. 
Anyway, those are just my personal opinions. 

Here are some of my favourite quotes from the book;

'Will you look at us by the river! The whole restless mob of us on spread blankets in the dreamy briny sunshine skylarking and chiacking about for one day, one clear, clean, sweet day in a good world in the midst of our living. Yachts run before an unfelt gust with bagnecked pelicans riding above them, the city their twitching backdrop, all blocks and points of mirror light down to the water's edge.'

'On the long grassy bank beneath the peppermint trees and the cavernous roots of the moreton bay figs...The university clock chimes and a rowing team slides past with the sun in its eyes...the sweet coppery water where jellyfish float and blowfish bloat'

'Here by the river,the beautiful,the beautiful the river...I burst into the moon, sun, stars of who I really am...Perfectly. Always. Everyplace. Me.'

You can buy the book here. Or buy the DVD here (it comes out 27th Feb so you can pre-order it)

Has anyone else seen the series and/or read the book? What did you think of it?


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Valentine's Day.

So in the end my V-Day yesterday turned out OK. I went into central and met a couple of the girls for a girlie night. We went to Harrods and cooed at the puppy's and kittens in 'Pet Kingdom', gasped at the prices of a 'doggy cupcake', and almost fainted when we saw the 'animal fashion' section. But seriously...why would you dress your dog up in a pilots outfit?! Although I would dress him up as a cow...(yes, they had doggy fancy dress costumes). 

We then headed to the food court to blag some free samples, before running into Francis Boulle on our way to Starbucks. I didn't want to stop and say hello to him...not after what happened on NYE. Although my friend did suggest I tweet him, so I tweeted him.

Yes, he did almost get hit by a taxi, and he did wave very nicely to the taxi driver who avoided hitting him. He is definitely too cool for school. (B added this bit to the tweet - not me!)

Thinking about it now, I should have said; 
'@FrancisBoulle spotted outside harrods, dateless on VD and almost hit by a taxi!' 
I joke, I joke.

So anyway, all in all it turned out to be a good V-Day, despite getting lost in Hammersmith after missing the turning to the Hammersmith Flyover on the way home (this was someone else's fault though for phoning me while I was driving....it wasn't my fault.)

Happy Valentine's Day for yesterday everyone!


Monday, 13 February 2012

Last Friday Night.

Last Friday night I had a fabulous evening that went on to the early hours of Saturday morning. It was a very random night, and absolutely spontaneous, but a lot of fun! I headed into London around 6pm, and had dinner with a friend before meeting another friend to go to St Martin in the Fields for Rachmaninoff Vespers with the Cardiff Polyphonic Choir. The Choir were absolutely breathtaking, and the Vespers themselves beautiful. Of course St Martin in the Fields just rounded it all of, as it is such a stunning building, and the atmosphere was wonderful. 

After the concert we headed to Mayfair Bar to meet a group of friends. I wasn't very impressed with Mayfair Bar, it was busy and the people weren't very friendly. I also discovered later on that Mayfair Bar is famous for prostitutes and Russian businessmen. Nice. I don't think I'll be going there again.

We then went to Kensington Roof Gardens for some dancing. I loveee Roof Gardens so much! Not only do they never check ID (I'm 20 and it's over 21's) but they also have great music, it's nice inside, and of course outside you have the beautiful gardens. We were a bit worried as we were walking in though, as a police van pulled up outside and a huge group of policemen jumped out and ran inside! Thankfully it turned out that they were just doing licensing checks. We stayed at KRG until about 2:30am, when we decided to go to a friends place for an 'after-party' (not as debaucherous as it sounds...it was just six of us sitting around an antiques-filled living room sipping wine). 

I eventually rolled in at 5:30am...and had 'accidentally' forgotten to tell my parents I was coming back to their house instead of going back to my house at Uni. So I got home at 5:30am, and tried to be as quiet as possible, but I got into my bedroom and flung the light on, to be faced with my super king-size bed covered in curtains, blinds, and everything that was previously on my floor. Basically my parents had had new windows put in my bedroom (without telling me), and so instead of clearing it all off my bed, I decided to sleep in the spare bedroom. 

Now, I swear I was as quiet as possible. But. My Dad hears every little sound and wakes at the slightest creak. As I was getting into bed I heard him walking up and down the stairs, before switching on the landing light, so I went to the door and as I heard him coming around the corner towards the spare bedroom and my bedroom, I flung the door open....well, I gave him the fright of his life! He leapt backwards, shouting out, and then proceeded to lecture me on coming home at 5:30am and making him think I was a burglar. Woops :/ sorry Dad! 

And, I even managed to get to work on-time at 11am!

Claire and I at Kensington Roof Gardens

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Quote of The Week #4.

I've had such a busy week, so tomorrow morning before work I will be catching up with my posts! Promise!
But for now, as it's Sunday, here's my quote of the week from the brilliant Yves Saint Laurent; "Fashions fade, style is eternal"

"Fashions fade, style is eternal" Yves Saint Laurent Quote


Saturday, 11 February 2012

Hunt for Foundation.

So, you may remember that about six months ago I wrote a post about how Maybelline had discontinued my favourite Foundation, the Wonder Finish. For the past six months I have been on the hunt for a new foundation. I am still failing miserably. I just can't find one that's perfect for my skin, gives good coverage, lasts a long time, is lightweight, and goes on liquid but looks more 'matte'. I have tried both the cheaper brands and the more expensive. I bought the Max Factor Colour Adapt foundation today, so will let you know what that one's like. If the Max Factor one is awful then next on the list is the Laura Mercier Foundation. So, over the past six months I have so far tried the following;

Maybelline Pure Liquid Mineral - was horrible! Made my skin very shiny and oily.

Mary Kay Medium Coverage Foundation - Can't actually remember what was wrong with this one?
But, there must have been a reason why I didn't continue using it...hmm...maybe I'll have to try it again.

Calvin Klein Infinite Hydration - didn't spread very evenly, too thick.

Smelt like paint, and it also felt like I was spreading paint on my face.
Didn't match my skin tone at all, very thick and felt heavy.
Probably the best out of all of them to be fair. My biggest disappointment about this one is that
it didn't actually stay on for very long, even when using powder to set it.
So much for '25 Hour Foundation'.

Ew. It's too wet...like the MAC one it feels like you're spreading paint on your face! Far too heavy.

Can anyone recommend any others for me to try just in case I don't like the Max Factor one?


Sunday, 5 February 2012

Quote of The Week #3.

I actually have three quotes of the week this week! I've had a bit of a weird week and I think they describe me and my week perfectly, lol! 


Friday, 3 February 2012

Politicians and The Ritz Club.

Last night was the younger member drinks and dinner at the Carlton Club, I was invited by a friend who's a member. We got there really early, but made the mistake of having a drink upstairs first, so by the time we went to get tickets for dinner they had sold out :( sad times. Alas, we had supper instead, which was so yummy, and surprisingly decently-priced too, only £10 for sausages, chips, gravy and bread. Bargain!

After supper all the excitement kicked off! We walked out of the dining room to be faced with Liam Fox and two of his uniform clad minions. And then, when a few of us were leaving to go to the Ritz Club, Ann Widdecombe walked in - Amazing! Max decided to chat to her while she was trying to get into the lift, she didn't look too thrilled (this was around midnight), so I apologized and dragged him away from her (I'm becoming so responsible! I must be getting old!). 

We then all headed to The Ritz Club - B E A U T I F U L. Seriously, absolutely incredible. It was so ornate, and luxurious and opulent, it was like something out of a film. It was very quiet in there, not many people, we had a drink in the bar before going for a wander around the Casino. After the Ritz it was on to the Savile Club for a couple of hours chatting with friends in the library. It was a great night, had a wonderful time!

I've included a couple of photos I found on Google of the Ritz Club and Casino. I really wanted to take some myself while I was there...but didn't want to look silly and out of place getting my camera out and snapping away :/ lol! 

The Ritz Casino

The Ritz Club

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