Monday, 16 January 2012

Yull Shoes.

Within clubland you get to meet and hear about some pretty interesting people. I'm not gonna lie, it is like a London version of Gossip Girl. My posts about clubland events are all censored...if I revealed the uncensored versions then there would be pandemonium...a TV show would most definitely be made, and there would be a lot of very unhappy people having their gossip splashed across the internet.

Through a friend of mine within clubland, I have recently heard of a company called Yull Shoes, which is owned by Sarah Watkinson-Yull, who I believe is also in the clubland circles (we have 14 mutual clubland friends on Facebook...bit of a hint). Anyway, my friend has a pair of her shoes, and apparently they are amazing. So I took a look at her website, OMG, incredible! They are beautiful! The colours and styles are so unusual, yet classy and sophisticated. I am in love with the Grosvenor and Primrose shoes, and she also has a beautiful pair of Chelsea Boots!

Sarah's mantra is 'Style over fashion', which I think is perfect, and I really want to meet her now and do an interview for the blog. Hopefully we'll be at the same event soon so I can tell her how much I love her shoes. If you fancy taking a look at her shoes you can go to the website, and follow her on twitter.
Here are the photos from the website of the Grosvenor and Primrose shoes (I hope she doesn't mind me stealing the photos...?)

Yull Shoes Grosvenor shoe. £65.

Yull Shoes Primrose shoe. £65.

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