Monday, 2 January 2012

Les Miserables £25 Offer.

YAY! I got tickets to go see Les Mis while Ramin Karimloo and Hadley Fraser are in it *swoon* love them both! AND I got a top price ticket in the stalls for just £25 :D They're doing a special offer on the official Les Mis website - '25 tickets are available at £25 for under 25's for all performances excluding Saturday evenings. Available on seats up to £65 - subject to availability.' 

If you want a ticket, Click Here to book. But you'll have to play around quite a lot with dates and time, and remember Ramin doesn't perform on Monday or Thursday evenings and he finished his role as Jean Valjean on 3rd March 2012. I'm seeing it end of February, so thankfully he'll still be in it, and this will be the fourth time I've seen it...but for the first time ever, I'm going all by myself!

I've actually always wanted to go to the theatre by myself, I think there must be something quite relaxing about it. When I go with people it always pisses me off because they always talk to you throughout the performance, so at least going by myself I won't have anyone bothering me, lol! I'm going to the matinee performance, so maybe I can see if one of my friend's wants to meet me for some dinner after...that way I won't be a loner for the entire day, ha. But I will make sure to tell you all about the show the day after :)

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