Saturday, 21 January 2012

151, Chelsea.

So yesterday I drove into London at around 11am, parked at the club, and then wandered around the shops in Knightsbridge; scored some bargains in the Zara sale, drooled over the handbags in Harrods, and had a cheeky Starbucks lunch. After lunch I headed to the V&A museum to meet my friend Sarah of aMuse Fashions, to go to the Fashion in Motion show with Olivier Saillard.

'Join Olivier Saillard for an exclusive boutique-style performance. Museum director, curator and performer Olivier Saillard, regularly stages unique fashion based performances for an invited audience during Paris Couture week. Working with five famous French models, Axelle Doue, Claudia Huidobro, Anne Rohart, Violeta Sanchez & Amalia Vairelli, Saillard and his team will investigate the gestures and poses of the fashion model as they have evolved and changed throughout the history of fashion. The show will illustrate the importance and impact of attitude and movement in the presentation of fashion and how we associate certain poses with certain eras and styles of dress.'

The show was absolutely fabulous, it was amazing to see the 'behind the scenes' of a fashion show, and there were a couple of models that were absolutely stunning, Violeta Sanchez and Axelle Doue, they took my breath away! The way they worked the materials they were modelling, the poses, and the way they walked just captivated me. They walked down that catwalk with such ease and class, and it really made me want to learn how to walk in heels properly. They just looked like they were floating down the catwalk! I was also impressed that these French models weren't all 'perfect', two of them had noses like mine!!!!! Which I was very happy about, as I've always been very self-concious of the shape of my nose.
After the show I headed back to ROSL to have a rest and then get changed before going to the Lansdowne. The Lansdowne was a proper girlie night, all the girls were there apart from Ciara and Lotte, and I finally had the pleasure of meeting Sarah of Yull Shoes!! Unfortunately I was a wee bit I'm not sure if I made any sense when talking to her!? 
After getting very drunk at the LC we all got in a taxi and headed to the Kings Road. We were trying to decide where to go, and decided on 151 (pronounced one-five-one, not one-hundred-and-fifty-one), as it's only a tenner entrance fee and it's good for dancing. We got there at about 11pm, and it was empty, they had only just opened. Now, 151 isn't really a very 'impressive' club, it's a grimy basement club, with plain and shabby furnishings and a small dance floor, but it's perfect really for a cheap, drunken night dancing and throwing alcohol everywhere (which is what happened last night), and they did play really good music. BUT I think you really need to be drunk to go there, it would be a truly shit night if you were sober. Thankfully  we were all very drunk. 
Love this shop so much, the name just gets me every time!
Ollie surrounded by us girlies

Cheska and Chris


I love my hair in this photo, lol!
All in all it was a fantastic day/night, it was exactly what I needed after my stressful essay, I had a wonderful relaxing time shopping and mooching around, the fashion show was so much fun, and then the night was just epic. Debaucherous as always. The worst part was getting the night bus back to my friend Mel's house...I've never been on a night bus before and it was full of weirdos and the men wouldn't give up their seats for feet were killing me. Thankfully it only took 5mins or so to get back to hers. I'm still wondering why we didn't just get a taxi!?

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