Monday, 5 December 2011

Tim Minchin.

I first heard of Tim Minchin in 2007, when he appeared on the Australian TV show 'Spicks and Specks'. He sang 6 Foot 4 Kiwi, and I fell in love.
Here is that said song;

As you can probably tell from this video, Tim Minchin is a musical comedy genius. A unique comedian, who looks a bit like a ginger, Australian version of Russell Brand (I think its the long hair and eye-liner that makes him look a bit like Russell Brand). It is only recently that Tim Minchin has become well-known and popular in the UK, but I am very proud to announce that I met him in 2009, at the Bruno premiere in London. Me and two friends got free tickets to the premiere, and so we walked down the red (it was actually black) carpet, and mingled with the stars, before then walking out before the film started, because we had a gig to get to (much to all of the security's shock and horror). While we were mingling with the stars, I noticed Tim Minchin standing in a corner with his heavily pregnant wife. I got incredibly excited, and, ignoring the likes of Isla Fisher, ran over to him to ask for a photo. He seemed shocked, but flattered, and kindly not only took a photo, but also had a nice long chat with me about where we were sitting, and why we were leaving before the film started. He seemed impressed that we were willing to leave a premiere for a gig!
Here is said photo (I was very disappointed that he wasn't sporting the usual eye-liner), please excuse the ugliness;

So anyway, the point of this post is to tell you all to get Tim Minchin in your life! RIGHT NOW! Youtube him, I promise you you will become addicted!! He really is an absolute genius, and such a nice guy as well! Really wish I could have him at my 21st - he would defs be the best person to have at a party!!
Here are some of my favourite songs of his;

PS; To get the blog in the Christmas spirit, there is a mince-pie review coming in the next couple of days! So keep a look out!

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