Thursday, 8 December 2011

Mighty Mince Pie Review.

So here it is, the mighty mince-pie review! I have tried and tested a total of seven different mince pies....and am now feeling rather sick. In fact....I'm feeling very sick. I only tested Sainsbury's, Tesco's and Mr Kipling mince pies, as I don't have any other supermarkets near me. I am very very fussy when it comes to mince pies...and out of the seven, I would only buy two again...the Sainsbury's bakery butter-enriched shortcrust mince pies, and the Mr Kipling mince pies.

1. Sainsbury's Bakery butter-enriched shortcrust mince pies. £1.00
Every year these mince pies are my favourites, so I guess I'm slightly biased. But there is a good reason why they are the winner every year... the pastry is a perfect blend of butteryness and sugar, while the mince is just right, lovely and fruity and not too rich. They literally melt in your mouth.

2. My Kipling mince pies - £1.79
Just your standard mince pie really, easy to eat, nothing bad to say about it apart from the pastry is quite dry and not buttery at all, but the mince is nice and fruity.
3. Sainsbury's Deep filled mince pies - £1.00 (currently reduced from £1.65)
Dry. Tasteless. Pastry is also far too thick with not enough mince. And the little amount of mince that is in there is far too rich. No wonder they're on special offer!

4. Tesco value mince pies - £1.40
Lets just say I can taste and see why they are only £1.40 for 12. Pastry too dry, tasteless, and the mince tastes incredibly processed and 'airy'. I guess they would be good for a party if you don't really care about your guests taste-buds.
5. Mr Kipling mince pies with custard - £1.79
What. The. Hell. At first I got really excited about mince pies with custard in them...but then I bit into one. They're the lazy person's mince pie, ie; for people who can't be bothered to make their own custard or just open a tin of Ambrosia to put with a normal mince pie. You also can't really taste the it just tastes like a custard pie.
6. Tesco's finest deep filled mince pies - £1.25 (currently reduced from £2.50)
These I was also excited about, especially as the pastry looks delicious, and it says on the box that they are 'laced with Courvoisier VS Cognac'. For a normal person I'm sure these mince pies would be pretty tasty, but unfortunately I am very fussy with my alcohol, and unfortunately these mince pies were literally laced with the stuff. So for me they are a no no. The pastry really was delicious though, very buttery. Just a shame about all the alcohol...far too over-powering. So basically these would be amazing if you liked lots of alcohol and walnuts in your mince pies.
7. Sainsbury's iced-topped mince pies. £1.00 (currently reduced from £1.65)
Ew. What. The. Eff. These were even worse than the custard ones. Icing? On a mince pie? It's just wrong!!! And it tastes wrong!


  1. Fortnum and Mason (regular, chocolate, almond, orange, and mini variants of the same)? Selfridges (mini and large)? Harrods (as above)? Waitrose? M&S? Duchy? Betty's?

    Waiting for part 2 of the upper echelons.

  2. Ah yes, but I only travel into central in the evenings when shops are shut...but perhaps I will make a special trip in just for the mince pies ;)
    Like I said, I don't have any other supermarkets near where I live, so sadly can't taste Waitrose, M&S etc until I go to my parents for Xmas next week!


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