Friday, 2 December 2011

Ice-Skating at Somerset House.

Last night a few friends and I went ice-skating at Somerset house. I planned it really well RE travel arrangements...I drove in on Wednesday evening because we went for drinks at the Oxford and Cambridge club, so I left my car in the ROSL car-park, and then got a lift home with a friend who lives near me. Then yesterday morning I got the tube back into central, and spent the afternoon with Mr H (Chris). We went round Harrods (was VERY disappointed with Christmas World this year....soooo small!), then went to the Ice-Cream parlour where I had a huge and incredibly yummy ice-cream! Was amazing!

Then I headed over to ROSL to get changed and ready for ice-skating. After getting ready I spent an hour in the toilets napping on the chaise-longue, as they're re-decorating the drawing room, and then I got chatting to an elderly lady who told me I was beautiful, and at first I thought maybe she was slightly blind or something, but then she proceeded to sit down and paint her nails perfectly - made my day!

After chatting to the little old lady I walked over to Somerset House with my bags and skates. I don't know what it is about London but I always love walking around instead of getting a taxi or tube, especially in the winter when it's all pretty with all the lights.

Just a few of our ice-skating group at the entrance of Somerset House

We had such a great time skating, we had the ice-rink to ourselves most of the time, it was raining so I think that put a lot of people off. It was only the second time I had been skating after my little *ahem* accident 3 years ago...when I broke my sternum, so I was very nervous, lacked confidence etc, no where near as good as I used to be. It's quite sad really, to think what I used to be able to do (spirals, spins, jumps, step-sequences, etc) and now I can barely skate forwards...but despite the nerves, a few of us managed to do Scottish Reeling in the middle of the rink! Impressive or what!!

After ice-skating we were soaked through and absolutely freeeezing, so Lotte and I jumped in a taxi and went to the Carlton Club to sit by the fire, have a girly gossip, and a glass of wine :)

And then after all of that I drove I had my car parked in central for well over 24 hours, didn't have to pay any parking fees, and didn't have to pay the £10 congestion charge - perfect!

All in all a great day!

My HUGE ice-cream at Harrods!

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