Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Drinks With the Girls.

On Tuesday evening I headed into London to meet a couple of my girlfriends for drinks at the Royal Automobile Club (RAC) on Pall Mall. After two bottles of wine in the Long Bar, a lot of gossiping and catching up, we stumbled around the club to give Ciara a tour, as she hadn't been before.

We got some free champagne (we found it in the library!? It must have been there a while though because it was flat...), and then headed to the TV room to do what girls do best...take photos. To be honest I'm surprised we didn't get kicked out as we were giggling loads...but we had a lot of fun! I guess we were contained in one room though, so it wasn't so bad. Here are just a couple of photos that warm my heart and make me giggle a little :)

Love us

Cutest photo ever? I think so!



  1. Man, you guys have a lot of fun. When I finally make it up there, I wonder if you'll be still partying. ;)


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