Sunday, 30 October 2011

Halloween in Brixton.

so brixton isn't actually that bad! everyone makes out that its an awful place, the only bad thing about it i found was that the 24 hour mcdonalds didn't have milkshakes!! how can a 24 hour maccas not be serving milkshakes?! it was 8am!! so i settled for orange juice and hash browns.

also, sorry for the fact there are no capital letters in this post, our internet is down and im on my phone and for some reason it wont let me use capital letters?! weird.

anyway, here's a photo of me and a friend on our way to the halloween party we went to friday night (the reason i was in brixton, and the reason i needed a milkshake at 8am). i put my devil horns on when we were in the taxi - i didnt fancy wearing them on the tube when i was already causing a stir just in that dress :/


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  1. The Mcdonald's here in Batemans Bay is absolute crap. They do the same thing, and the refuse to make things your way. It drives me nuts. Grrr. >.<


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