Sunday, 30 October 2011

Halloween in Brixton.

so brixton isn't actually that bad! everyone makes out that its an awful place, the only bad thing about it i found was that the 24 hour mcdonalds didn't have milkshakes!! how can a 24 hour maccas not be serving milkshakes?! it was 8am!! so i settled for orange juice and hash browns.

also, sorry for the fact there are no capital letters in this post, our internet is down and im on my phone and for some reason it wont let me use capital letters?! weird.

anyway, here's a photo of me and a friend on our way to the halloween party we went to friday night (the reason i was in brixton, and the reason i needed a milkshake at 8am). i put my devil horns on when we were in the taxi - i didnt fancy wearing them on the tube when i was already causing a stir just in that dress :/


Friday, 14 October 2011

Balls Brothers.

Firstly, what an unfortunate name for a wine bar. Secondly, great night!

Through some friends with the inter-club group I got invited to the re-opening of the newly renovated Balls Brothers wine bar in Mayfair. Fantastic evening with a great group of people! We had a reserved table/booth with free champagne and food, and I'm pretty sure we saw Theo Paphitis going into the toilets. The best part was after one too many drinks (or as Nick called it, when I was 'drowning' in alcohol) when we had our own karaoke session singing Bohemian Rhapsody and Don't Stop Me Now...coz that's how we roll.

I had such a fun night. When I woke up this morning I couldn't remember a thing, but it's gradually coming back to me...I keep laughing out loud and then cringing every time I remember another piece of the puzzle. Apologies for knocking over a load of full wine glasses :/

Just because I feel the need to put a photo with every blog post (a picture is worth a thousand words after all), here's a really unattractive/drunken/angry photo of me with a couple of my friends (who are looking gorgeous, as usual). The champagne bottle I'm holding was empty. Clearly I wasn't happy about this, as I'm doing my 'Go away and leave me alone' face.


Monday, 10 October 2011

Share a Coke With.


If any of you are friends of mine, you will know how obsessed I am with Coca Cola. It all started in 2005 when I was 14 years old, and went to the World of Coca Cola in Atlanta. I bought a World of Coca Cola bottle there for just $5, and ever since then I have collected limited edition bottles and bottles from every country I've been to. I prefer glass bottles over plastic, but if there are no glass ones in a certain country and just plastic, then that has to do. Over the past 6 years I have collected over 30 bottles from around the world. And with the recent 125 year celebrations I have gained another 8 bottles.
Recently I even found a Japanese Coca Cola bottle in Chinatown in London, it's like a cross between a can and a bottle;


Sunday, 9 October 2011

Red Cups.

I only just remembered that on Wednesday night, at the Inter-Club event, I finally found out what the 'Red American Cups' that you see in EVERY movie and TV show are called....Solo Cups.

After years and years of wondering, I finally found out they actually have a brand name, and they're not just called 'Red American Cups'. It was worth going to the event even if it was just to find this bit of information haha! Now every time I see the red cups on the television or in films I can say "Did you know those red cups are called 'solo cups'?" and everyone will think I'm really cool... :D


Saturday, 8 October 2011

Inter-Club Club Crawl.

On Wednesday 5th October the annual Younger Members Inter-Club Club Crawl took place. Before I had even arrived or left my own house incidents started taking place! I was figuring out what to wear, what would be appropriate for 'lounge suit' and what wouldn't. I grabbed my belt that was stuck under my handbag on my bed...and forgot it was elasticated. So as I yanked it from under my bag, the huge metal clasp flung into my mouth, causing me a split lip and blood everywhere. Lovely. Just what I wanted a couple of hours before I had to leave! Thankfully I had lots of ice-lolly's in the freezer, so shoved one of those on my lip once the bleeding had stopped, which reduced the swelling.

So after my eventful time getting dressed, I headed to the Royal Overseas League in Green Park, which is the club I belong to, for drinks and nibbles. After meeting two of my fellow Overseas friends there, Claire and Ciara, and some of the members from other clubs, we headed to the Army and Navy Club for dinner.

By this time I had had two glasses of wine, and before we had dinner I had another two. Which means four. Which means a legless Catherine. The dinner was a buffet. Crap. I struggled back to the table with my food, swaying as I went, my head spinning, and desperately tried to eat my dinner in a ladylike, civilized manner...which was difficult when my food kept tipping off my fork, and Gordon and Steve kept talking to me so I couldn't concentrate on keeping the food on my fork. *smacks head* what was I thinking!

Dinner at the Army and Navy Club.
(Photograph courtesy of Fiona Fraser)

I know I'm a lightweight so why did I drink so much?! So, after even more drinking throughout and after dinner, we headed to the National Liberal Club guessed it...even more drinks.

The journey to the National Liberal Club was a struggle...having to walk and talk with head spinning and legs swaying. So off came the heels. I mean come on, I really did not want to break my ankle BEFORE the dancing started did I!? So we arrived at the National Liberal Club, and oh my....what a beautiful clubhouse!! Incredible! Very ornate, grand, and it just generally looked and felt like a real London Gentlemen's club (not the modern type's of gentlemen's clubs with hookers and strippers...the old traditional type with newspapers and cigars). So after more drinks, we headed downstairs to The Savage Club for live Jazz.

My first impression...'Is this it!?' It was one room...basically a small bar. Apparently it is a bohemian club for artists, writers, musicians, that type of thing. But despite it's size, it had a hell of a lot of atmosphere! I literally had the most fun I had had in aaaaages, it was great!

There was a live Jazz Band there, and we just spent hours and hours dancing and drinking (again). And when the Jazz Band packed up, a guy started playing the piano, and we just kept on going! He even played Bohemian Rhapsody...which, naturally, I sang along to, word for word. But lets not go there...

Jazz at the Savage

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary.

On Sunday it was the 25th Anniversary of Andrew Lloyd Webber's stage version of Phantom of the Opera. Over the weekend they performed the show on the Saturday and Sunday at the Royal Albert Hall, and on the Sunday, they broadcast the show live to cinema's around the World. I have always been a huge fan of POTO, first seeing it when I was about 12 years old, and I've also seen it a few times since then. I also saw the sequel, Love Never Dies (I will be doing a review on this production soon, as I feel it hasn't been given the credit it deserves), for my 20th Birthday. So I was desperate to go and see the show at the Royal Albert Hall, but unfortunately when I looked at booking tickets, the cheapest tickets available were £180.....ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY POUNDS!! :O I was gob-smacked!! So the next option was to go and see it at the cinema...luckily they were showing it at our local Odeon in Guildford, so I booked tickets for me and my mum to go and see it. The cinema tickets were much cheaper at £15 each.

I was super excited about seeing it, and we even got special programmes telling us who was in it etc. And O.M.G. Ramin Karimloo was playing Phantom. AHHHH!!!! *faints* I saw him play phantom in Love Never Dies, and he is literally THE most gorgeous Phantom I have ever seen (his wife is a lucky lady!). He's also a truly incredible singer, and he just captivated me from the moment he started singing in Love Never Dies (we had seats in the front row so were arms reach from the guy). So as soon as I saw that he was playing Phantom in POTO25 my heart started pounding and I just couldn't wait for it to begin! Finally it started, and right from the beginning it didn't disappoint, the music, the costumes, the singing - perfect! And then...oh my, and then....Raoul came on stage...the guy playing Raoul was Hadley Fraser...and oh my. He is even more gorgeous than Ramin Karimloo!! My heart was fluttering the whole way through. And his voice?! Incredible.

Ok, so not the best photo. But he is beautiful. Trust me.
Go onto his website if you don't believe me.

Anyway, enough about the eye candy. Onto the production itself; Amazing. Incredible. Fantastic. Emotional. Phenomenal. Magnificent. Beautiful. Perfect. I just don't know how else to describe it. It was everything I was expecting and so much more. The music as always made my heart soar and the hairs on my neck stand on end. The acting was as always very very impressive, and the costumes were spectacular...out of this world, the attention to detail magnificent.
The only part that I was disappointed with was that the Chandelier didn't come down at the end of Act 1, but apparently that's because of the Royal Albert Hall's own health and safety rules *cough*spoil-sports*cough*.
Because it was staged at the Royal Albert Hall they also didn't have the use of all the 'Fly Bars' which are used in actual theatres, so had to represent the scene changes with LED screens covering the entire back walls. It was incredibly clever, and although some of the scenes on the screens looked fuzzy or 'stripey' in the cinema because of the cameras, you could tell that if you were sitting in the Royal Albert Hall it would be a very impressive site.

At the end of the show they did a similar thing to what the Les Mis 25th Anniversary production team did, they brought out four of the past Phantom's (obviously for the Les Mis show they brought out four of the past Valjeans), including Colm Wilkinson and John Owen-Jones, who funnily enough both also played Valjean in Les Mis and were part of the Valjean Quartet (they do get around, all of these Musical Theatre actors!)
Andrew Lloyd Webber also brought on Sarah Brightman (the original London Christine Daae) and Michael Crawford (the original London Phantom). While we heard Sarah Brightman sing, along with the four past Phantom's, and Ramin Karimloo, we unfortunately didn't hear the beautiful sound of Michael Crawford's voice, as he is currently in the West End production of The Wizard of Oz, and had to save his voice. This made me sad :( but alas, it was truly wonderful to hear the Phantom's sing together, although I was disappointed with Sarah Brightman's performance...very weak, her voice is not as strong as it used to be. Sierra's voice is much more impressive and completely captivating.
So, to Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber and Cameron Macintosh...a fabulous production, with a fabulous cast, and lets hope we have another 25 years of awe-inspiring Phantom of the Opera shows! Happy 25th Anniversary Phantom!

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