Sunday, 25 September 2011

School Dinners at the Lansdowne Club.

On Friday it was the U35's School Disco and Dinner at the Lansdowne Club. It was a great evening with some great friends! Some people dressed up while others didn't, I was going to wear my St Trinians school outfit (see photo below), but decided it wasn't appropriate for the Club so went with a black dress and my old school tie instead.

My St Trinians outfit I wore to a 50's/60's themed birthday party
a couple of years ago...didn't think it was appropriate for the Lansdowne!?

The evening started with a champagne reception, before moving into the Ballroom for our 'school dinner', and it was a proper school dinner - complete with sausages, mash, gravy, pudding and custard, and trays! (although I didn't take a tray...I always was a rebel). But unlike school dinners we also had jelly shots and champagne. After dinner they cleared the ballroom of all the chairs and tables and we had a school disco - complete with a makeshift Limbo made from a school tie!

Our School Dinners
Me and Amy with our school ties

Everyone eating school dinners in the Lansdowne Ballroom


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