Thursday, 8 September 2011

Cornwall Trip.

Last week my family and I went to Cornwall. I'm pretty lucky, we've travelled a lot, ever since I was just a few weeks old, we've been around the world and stayed in beautiful places. This year I went to Australia twice (via Singapore and Dubai), Egypt, and then Cornwall. You know you travel often when you are greeted on every flight with; 'Welcome back Miss Lux!' and have more than 3 different currencies in your wallet (I always have AUD, USD and GBP in there, and then this year I also had some Singapore Dollars leftover from Australia last Christmas and Egyptian Pounds). I also have 3 different mobile UK contract phone, my UK 'cheap international calls' phone, and my Australian phone. People around me always give me weird looks when the plane lands and I get them all out to turn them all on :/

Anyway, so this summer we went to Cornwall for our 'UK trip', it was a lovely week - very relaxed, and we were very lucky to have such wonderful weather, with only one day being drizzly. We stayed in a beach shack...on the beach (obviously). It was very different from our usual luxury hotels...simple, small and basic, but it was nice and cosy and it was perfect for what we needed (especially with a sandy/wet/muddy dog!). We did the usual beach trips, spent a lot of time looking for dog beaches for Dylan, went out for dinner, had pasty's almost every day, ate far too many cream teas, and visited the beautiful Minack Theatre. (Apologies for the poor quality blackberry photos...I haven't had a chance to upload the DSLR pics onto my computer yet)

Minack Theatre

Our Beach Shack


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  1. Oh gosh, I love Cornwall...used to go every year until I turned 12. :(


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