Thursday, 4 August 2011

Old Friends and Foundation.

Old Friends.
Today I saw an old friend of mine. We were best friends in Primary School, she's American and lived in the UK for 5 years before moving back to the US at the end of Year 6 (when we were 11 years old). We kept in touch through the years by regularly writing letters to one another and we loved being real 'pen-pals'. Gabby came back to visit when we were about 14 years old...we're now 20, so I hadn't seen her for 6 years!! She wasn't able to stay in the UK as she was just changing flights at Heathrow Airport on her way back to America from Lebanon. But she managed to get out of the airport for a couple of hours so we could catch up for coffee, it was so lovely to see her again and have a proper catch up, and it reminded me of how similar we are :)

Gabby and I when we were 8 years old

Gabby and I today, aged 20.

I'm having a bit of trouble with my foundation at the moment. They have discontinued my usual foundation, so I've had to find a new one. My old one was perfect for my was a liquid foundation but went on with a matte powder-like finish. It was Maybelline Wonder Finish.
I was looking for a new one and decided to go with the Maybelline Liquid Mineral Foundation. It's awful. It makes me skin so shiny and oily, and has made my skin breakout like crazy!
I'm definitely gonna have to try another one :(
Oh I wish they didn't keep discontinuing all my favourite make-ups...L'Oreal did this to me a few years ago.

My amazing old (now discontinued) foundation:

My horrid new foundation:



  1. Have you tried mineral foundation? The foundation I use is the only one I've comes in lots of shades even pale ones...

  2. Gahh the prices are a bit different to my Wonder Finish lol...they're like double the price :(

    thanks anyway though


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