Thursday, 4 August 2011

Burglary Witness.

Last night I went out for my friend's 20th birthday. We went to Cote Bistro - it was incredible, the food was delicious! It was a lovely evening with some fantastic friends.
On our way back to the car, around 11:30pm, we were walking down the high street when all of a sudden three men with huge swag bags ran past us...we heard an alarm coming from somewhere further down so we went down the street and saw that the Hugo Boss store had been broken in to, glass smashed and everything. We realized the men must have stolen 3 huge bags worth of goods from there. The police turned up literally 2 minutes later and we told them what we saw (which wasn't much as it was dark and they ran so fast past us). So all we could describe was the huge bags and the fact they were young and wearing hoodies lol! Not much help really :/
They sounded drunk...they were running up the road giggling and shouting haha. Sucks to be Hugo Boss, but it gave us an exciting night lol :P


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