Saturday, 20 August 2011

Three Little Birds.

Yesterday when I was having issues with my essay, my best friend sent me the link to this. She's amazing. And she was right, it cheered me up soooo much! Love her lots, such an amazing friend to have and I feel so lucky to have her in my life. Some of you will probably die because it isn't Bob Marley's version, but it's still pretty incredible and is perfect for when you're feeling a bit down in the dumps :)


Monday, 15 August 2011

Official Godmother.

Yesterday was my 8 month old God-daughter Rosie's Christening...the day when I finally became an 'official' godmother, after being asked over a year ago :)
It was such a lovely day and I'm so proud to be Rosie's godmother and such a huge part of her life. She's a wonderful baby who never stops smiling, giggling and chatting, although she did have a bit of a cry yesterday when it was time for photos after her Baptism...but apparently my great grandmother used to say 'it's good for babies to cry at their's the devil coming out of them'. lol!
I'm so happy for Anna and Allan, they looked so proud...almost made me cry how proud and happy they looked when she was being baptised hehe :P


Wednesday, 10 August 2011

K K K Katie.

Yesterday was a good day for me, not only did I find out I was right all along about something, but I also spent a couple of hours with one of my best friends :)

I went straight to Katie's house after work, and she greeted me with a HUGE and very long hug...which resulted in us getting strange looks from passers by. We chatted and gossiped like we usually do, and then her little brother and sister came home from shopping with their parents. Annabelle is 5 and Samuel is 3. They are so gorgeous, and they made my day.
It was the smallest things they did that made me smile;
- Annabelle running up to me and giving me a big hug.
- Samuel seeing my red work jumper, his eyes going wide and him exclaiming 'OOH, RED!', before coming over and stroking it (his favourite colours is apparently red).
- Annabelle wanting me to help her make a necklace for her aunty and then calling her eggs 'naughty eggs' because they were taking so long to cook.
- Samuel wanting me to feed his bumble bee torch before he took each mouthful of his lunch.
- Annabelle singing to Katie and I, a song called 'K K K Katie' and then performing a play for us about a hat.
- Samuel bossing everyone around and being moody when no one would be quiet so he could sing his song.

It was an eventful and fun couple of hours, and made me feel much better after the rough couple of days I'd had. It's funny how being around young children brings back memories of when you were that age :)


Monday, 8 August 2011

Things to Look Forward to.

Things to look forward to;

  • Tomorrow afternoon...hugs and love with Katie.
  • Thursday evening...night out in Guildford with my best friend Emma.
  • Saturday...seeing my best friend Anna and God-Daughter Rosie.
  • Sunday...Rosie's christening...I get to be her official God-mother!
  • Monday evening...Royal Albert Hall Proms with my little brother.
  • Following Sunday...Rhidian's epic birthday party with Katie and Mr Hanges.
  • End of with the family.
  • September...Comedy Store and Tapas night with the Inter-Club lot at the RAC club.
  • End of September...the start of my FINAL year at Uni! So excited to finish now!!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Gossip Girl - OC Similarities.

Has anyone else noticed how similar Gossip Girl is to The OC?! In particular the characters. GG is basically just a New York/East Coast version of The OC...I guess the producer (he's the producer of both shows) isn't very imaginative :P
They're both amazing though...even if the characters are a bit tooooo similar (below I have created a picture showing exactly how they are similar haha)....

(And if you're not a fan of either row is GG and second row is OC.)


Thursday, 4 August 2011

Old Friends and Foundation.

Old Friends.
Today I saw an old friend of mine. We were best friends in Primary School, she's American and lived in the UK for 5 years before moving back to the US at the end of Year 6 (when we were 11 years old). We kept in touch through the years by regularly writing letters to one another and we loved being real 'pen-pals'. Gabby came back to visit when we were about 14 years old...we're now 20, so I hadn't seen her for 6 years!! She wasn't able to stay in the UK as she was just changing flights at Heathrow Airport on her way back to America from Lebanon. But she managed to get out of the airport for a couple of hours so we could catch up for coffee, it was so lovely to see her again and have a proper catch up, and it reminded me of how similar we are :)

Gabby and I when we were 8 years old

Gabby and I today, aged 20.

I'm having a bit of trouble with my foundation at the moment. They have discontinued my usual foundation, so I've had to find a new one. My old one was perfect for my was a liquid foundation but went on with a matte powder-like finish. It was Maybelline Wonder Finish.
I was looking for a new one and decided to go with the Maybelline Liquid Mineral Foundation. It's awful. It makes me skin so shiny and oily, and has made my skin breakout like crazy!
I'm definitely gonna have to try another one :(
Oh I wish they didn't keep discontinuing all my favourite make-ups...L'Oreal did this to me a few years ago.

My amazing old (now discontinued) foundation:

My horrid new foundation:

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