Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Start.

So here I am again. Starting another blog. I blogged every week for 9 months, when I lived off £10 a week to raise money for charity. I finished my challenge a few weeks ago and actually miss blogging. Soooo I'm starting a new blog. A very good friend of mine suggested it after she noticed how often I update my Facebook Status about random things that happen in my everyday life. They made her 'giggle'. This conversation started from my status about a thought I had while drying my hair this morning....;'Why is it Pantene Pro-V makes my hair all knotty and tangly, whereas the Palmolive 'Fashion Girl' shampoo&conditioner for 12 year olds makes it all nice and smooth and un-tangly!? weird.'

I highly doubt anyone will actually read this blog, but I guess it's just for my own satisfaction of getting these wonderings and thoughts out of my head and written down.



  1. I'm going to read! I love your blog. :D

  2. Thank you! I got inspiration to start one from reading your blog EVERY DAY...without fail haha :P xo

  3. Haha thats awesome! :D


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