Sunday, 31 July 2011

Lost Dress and Thursday Plantation.

Firstly, I've somehow lost one of my favourite summer dresses :( which has really upset me. I'm not sure if I left it in Australia....but I can't find it anywhere at my house. Chris is gonna have a look around his house and in his wardrobe to check I didn't leave it there. So devo I can't find it :'(


Secondly, I am so in love with Thursday Plantation Aloe Vera Gel. It's amazing! I got a huge tube of it when I was last in Australia, and it's amazing on my skin, makes it lovely and soft and calms down any redness/blemishes and pimples. It's also awesome on cuts, blisters, sunburn etc. Anyway, just had to share my find with ya'll :)


Thursday, 28 July 2011

Good news and bad news.

Today has been pretty crazy. I've had amazing news, and awful news. I spent the day with one of my best friends from Australia, Caitlin. I drove down to Robertsbridge where she's Au-Pairing, and we went for a good old pub lunch and then went into Hastings. Had a lovely day...until I got home. I got a 'Penalty Charge Notice'. Apparently, I performed a prohibited turn - no right turn, on Gayton Rd Junct Station Rd. Urm...I don't even remember seeing a no right turn sign!? And apparently this is a common mistake...seeing as this 'SINGLE traffic camera may have earned Harrow Council £1m in little over a year.' (Harrow Observer)
I don't even know Harrow, I had never been there before, and I was following my TomTom. Apparently they have CCTV evidence, but won't let me view it, and have only sent me a photo of me in a straight line in the left hand lane!? Weird huh.

Anyway, the good news. About 20minutes after getting this horrid letter, I went onto a friend of mine's blog. Sarah had a dreadful pregnancy, suffering from HG (Hyperemesis gravidarum). And when she delivered her baby boy, Nate, at 36 weeks, he was rushed to NICU, where he stayed for over 2 months after being diagnosed with PHA (psudohypoaldosteronism). Through Sarah's blog and facebook I have read about the ups....and many downs, of Nate's first couple of months. For a long time now they thought he might not come home, and might eventually have to be transferred to the PICU because he was so sick...but this morning a video was posted on Sarah's blog...Nathaniel Reed Good is home! There are no words to describe how truly happy I am for this family, after everything Sarah has been through the past few years, she deserves every bit of happiness! Nate is a true miracle baby, take a look at the video (I promise it will make you cry lots of happy tears!!)

If you would like to read Sarah's blog and learn more about their incredible journey, go here;

So that's my second blog. This was far too long to put as a Facebook Status :P
Sarah's news that Nate is home has literally made my day, and put my worry of my fine to the back of my mind. So happy prayers have finally be answered, and I wish them every bit of luck and happiness in their future with their little one.


The Start.

So here I am again. Starting another blog. I blogged every week for 9 months, when I lived off £10 a week to raise money for charity. I finished my challenge a few weeks ago and actually miss blogging. Soooo I'm starting a new blog. A very good friend of mine suggested it after she noticed how often I update my Facebook Status about random things that happen in my everyday life. They made her 'giggle'. This conversation started from my status about a thought I had while drying my hair this morning....;'Why is it Pantene Pro-V makes my hair all knotty and tangly, whereas the Palmolive 'Fashion Girl' shampoo&conditioner for 12 year olds makes it all nice and smooth and un-tangly!? weird.'

I highly doubt anyone will actually read this blog, but I guess it's just for my own satisfaction of getting these wonderings and thoughts out of my head and written down.

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