Thursday, 23 January 2014

Steam and Rye, Bank.

I first heard of Steam and Rye when Caroline from Cocktails and Caroline recommended it to me. It's only been open since November, but is already causing a storm in the City. A 1920s American bar and restaurant, it's open from midday-3am on weekdays, and 6pm-3am on Saturdays, so is the ideal place to take you from work to dining to partying. I'm currently in-between jobs at the moment, and don't start my new one until I get back from Australia (2 weeks til take-off and counting!) in six weeks time, so Sarah and I decided to check out the Steam and Rye lunch menu while they have a 50% discount offer on.

A short walk from Bank station, it's easy to get to from the main areas of London. We decided to make the most of being ladies who lunch and started with cocktails! I had the 'Maize Balls (Mount Gay XO, Lemon, Coconut, Caramel Popcorn Syrup), while Sarah had the Mile High (Pampero Rum, Honey Syrup, Lemon, Bubbly). When they arrived my jaw dropped...mine was in a popcorn bucket...with popcorn on top! It definitely lived up to it's name! Sarah's on the other hand came in a more traditional glass and had a paper airplane on top, which was an excerpt from Fifty Shades of Grey.

The staff were absolutely lovely and left us to gossip and catch-up while we took ages browsing the menu. After all that talking deciding, I went for what I felt like - the cheese and bacon burger and fries. I mean if you're in an American restaurant, someone has to sample the burger! Sarah went for the Lobster Brioche roll with fries, and being a New England girl she is very fussy with her I was a little worried it wouldn't be up to her standards. Thankfully she was pretty impressed - they even use the correct roll!

Sadly the lighting in there was that annoying dark lighting that makes it impossible to take photos without using the flash! Hmph. Anyway my burger made up for that, it was delish! It was too tall so I had to eat it with my knife and fork, but it was mouthwateringly tasty and the meat was so juicy! The fries were good, but could have done with a little less salt.

We decided we had just enough room for dessert afterwards, so Sarah had the Ice Cream Sundae and I had the Banana Split. The caramelized banana made my banana split, it was incredible. I love caramelized anything!

The decor at Steam and Rye is awesome, it feels like an old and really glamorous railway station inside, it was like a bar out of Gossip Girl! They have really cool features like a railway carriage which has booths in it, and a bull and two upside down statue of liberty's.

We had a really lovely lunch at Steam and Rye, and the 50% off was an awesome bonus - our huge lunch came to just £20 each for two courses and a the City! If you have some time over the next week, head down and let me know what you think. Their 50% off offer finishes on Friday 31st January, but it's only available for lunch on weekdays, and it only includes food, not drinks. 

After lunch I went on the Waterloo & City line for the first time ever, and loved it, it's so quick! Then I had a Comedy Night at The Savage Club, where I was lucky enough to see Paul McCaffrey perform live. It was really cool seeing him do stand-up in such an intimate surrounding (The Savage Club is only one room!). It was weird because almost exactly a year ago I was sat next to him in Waterloo station wearing a ball dress (me, not him), and a load of teenagers ran up to him asking for photos, at the time I had no clue who he was, so when I got home I watched some of his stuff and couldn't stop laughing!

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  1. Can you believe that I still haven't been?! I'm going next Saturday night and looking forward to it after reading this and seeing the food pictures (which came out great if you were using the flash!).

    Maize Balls - love the name of that cocktails! Good to hear the staff were nice too, I was a bit concerned it would be a bit pretentious.

    Thanks for the name check! We must meet soon :D

    Cocktails and Caroline

    1. You must go! It was great, definitely not pretentious at all - they were so nice and helpful!

      All the cocktails are awesome, the names are so fun! And yes we must, I'm off to Australia in 2 weeks so when I get back we'll have to catch up and go explore a new bar or something!

      C x

    2. I'm off to St Lucia and the States in 2 weeks - perhaps we can meet up when we both return with lovely tans? :D

    3. Oooh lovely!! Yes definitely, sounds like a plan :)

      C x

  2. Ohh wow! The food & decor looks amazing!!
    I've just had a look at the menu & I'm drooling....I want one of x

    1. It was really great, I'd recommend it to anyone who loves a bit of Americana!

      C x

  3. I love the quirky cocktail delivery !


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