Monday, 18 November 2013

A Case of Spontaneity.

Recently I was contacted by about their new spontaneity campaign. With an increasing number of people booking last minute trips abroad, last minute theatre trips, and last minute spa breaks, are look for a Spontaneity Champion! The Spontaneity Champion will receive up £50,000 worth of spontaneous travel and experiences for a year, and you can do all of them around your normal day job! Waahhoooo! To enter you need to upload a 60 second video telling exactly why you deserve to be their Spontaneity Champion!

They've also asked a few of us bloggers to tell our readers (and them!) about the most spontaneous thing we've ever done, and what our ideal spontaneous weekend would be. So, without further ado...

I've never really done a spontaneous trip abroad before, last year I booked a ticket back to Australia on a whim as I decided I missed the beach (and my friends too of course!), but I booked it in the December to fly out the following Easter, so it wasn't reeeally that spontaneous as I didn't exactly jet off a day later. 

So anyway, the most spontaneous thing I've probably done, was a few years ago I went back to Australia for a visit, I had just turned 18 and it was shortly after we'd moved back to the UK. My boyfriend at the time and I randomly decided that we wanted to go to a pub four hours away for dinner, so we called up a couple of friends, and at 4pm in the afternoon they came and picked us up in their 4x4. Rob put his foot down, and three hours later we all arrived at the pub, had dinner and some drinks, then drove back home again! A 340 mile round trip, done and dusted in one day, just for a pub dinner. It was a good pub, and totally worth it. 

Thinking about it now we used to do heaps of spontaneous things when I was younger, not big trips abroad, just small things. Random nights out driving up the west coast of Australia, spontaneous boat trips over to Rottnest Island, filling up the fountain at Challenge Stadium with bubble bath (woops!), and how could I ever forget the night we took found a load of traffic cones and put them at 6 out of 8 of the entrances/exits of a roundabout, so the cars went round and round and had to go back the way they came. Dangerous. We hid in the bushes cackling at all the confused cars. Gosh we were awful teenagers, I'm so ashamed of some of the things we did :/

It's been years since I did anything spontaneous, and thinking about it I really miss it! So my ideal spontaneous weekend away as a grown up, would probably be to Marrakech. I'd love to just jet off and arrive at some exotic Arabian Riad, explore the souks and then head into the Atlas Mountains for a day. A camel ride would be awesome too. I've been wanting to go to Marrakech for years, and I'm determined to go in 2014, even if it isn't spontaneous! If I couldn't do that though due to circumstances (ie; if some sort of ash cloud exploded again), then I'd love to do a roadtrip and drive to Austria or somewhere random like that. I love roadtrips, they're so much fun!

Don't forget to enter the Spontaneity Champion competition, the deadline is only 12 days away!


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  1. Great blog! Yeah, I would have to say you did some pretty spontaneous things, but I think we all do when we are young. ;) I enjoyed going on this "journey" with you!

    PS, I'm grabbing your button to put on my page now, and I hope you will return the favor. :)

    <3 Teri

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