Sunday, 13 October 2013

Jacava '8-free' Nail Polish.

Jacava London Nail Polish is 8-free, which means it's free from harsh and nasty chemicals including; Formaldehyde, Camphor, Toluene, Parabens, Phthalates, DBP and cellophane. Many people are allergic to nail polish and don't even realize it, especially as you won't get a reaction actually on your nails, but if you touch your skin with your nails it might cause an allergic reaction such as a rash. Jacava sent me the Top Coat With UV Inhibitor and the 'Passion' 8-free Colour Shade to review, and there are good and bad points about them both, however I am totally in love with this colour!

Firstly, how cute is the top hat design?! Secondly, I am completely and utterly in love with the 'Passion' shade...although I'm not sure it is the Passion shade? It looks much 'redder' in real life to the dark red/purple it looks like online, but whatever it is it looks gorgeous on my nails! A really great deep red perfect for the autumn and winter months.

I used the OPI Nail Envy nail strengthener as a base coat, then the Jacava Passion nail polish (two coats), and then the Jacava top coat. The nail polish itself went on like a dream, it's probably the best nail polish I've ever applied (and I've tried a lot of different brands), it just went on so smoothly, clump free, and dried quickly. The top coat I wasn't that impressed with, and I guess this is due to the actual polish too, but my nails chipped after less than 24 hours. I literally can't find a nail polish that doesn't chip on my nails after a couple of days.

I really love this colour and the way the formula applies, so I'll probably purchase a couple more colours in the future. Despite the fact they're quite pricey, I think the fact they're '8-free', makes it worth the extra cost. 

Jacava Nail Polish is available online at amazon, or, however amazon seems to be coming up cheaper (£11.50 rather than £14.50). 
Have you used this nail polish? What are your thoughts on the '8-free' polish?

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*Jacava London sent me these polishes for review purposes, however my views are always 100% honest.


  1. Sounds interesting - I love nailpolish but I've never given much thought as to what is in them. :/

  2. Interesting, I've not come across any nail polishes which are 8 free so I would be keen to try these. Beautiful colour btw

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