Sunday, 27 October 2013

Chilango Launches on Leather Lane.

A couple of weeks ago when I had the flu, I left the safety of my office to walk 15 minutes to Leather Lane in Farringdon, in the rain. The reason? Free burritos. But not just any burritos. Chilango burritos. I'm really lucky that my office is based near Exmouth Market, so we're right in the middle of some of the best restaurants and eateries London has to offer. Every day lunch is different, it ranges from Freebird burritos, to Moro's lamb flatbread, to Pieminster pies or a quick baguette from Gail's. Really unhealthy, but oh so good.

I love a burrito, and Freebird on Exmouth Market does really good ones, but I'd heard a lot about Chilango burritos, so when I discovered that they were opening on Leather Lane and offering FREE burritos on their first day of opening, I had to go. We recently moved offices, and I forgot how much further away they are from Leather I walked 15 minutes in the rain, with the flu, feeling like I was gonna pass out, to find myself at the end of a very long queue. Then I had a I stay and queue or go back to the office? I was ill, I was hungry, I stayed. It was amazing.

There was a jazz band playing to keep everyone in the queue entertained, and the staff inside were whizzing through orders which meant the queue moved quickly. Pretty soon I was at the front, making my complicated 'chicken, no black beans, lots of guacamole' order, and before I knew it my free burrito was in my hand! Wooohoooo! 

I trekked back to the office feeling really ill, and collapsed into my chair soaking wet. I unwrapped my burrito and water poured out of the wrapping from the rain...but I didn't care. I bit in and sighed. It was good. Really good. So worth it. It was probably the best burrito I've ever had, but this made me sad because no way will I have time to go to the Leather Lane store on my lunch breaks now that we moved offices :( So Chilango...pleaseeeee open on Exmouth Market! It was just perfect, the flavours were intense and there wasn't too much rice. Lots of really good chunky flavoursome meat, and loads of guacamole! 

If you work or live near Leather Lane, head down to the High Holborn end and you'll find them no problem! 

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  1. God that looks incredible, I'm salvating! I need a burrito NOW.

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