Sunday, 11 August 2013

Barry M Gelly Nail Polishes.

I saw these in Superdrug when they first came out, but refrained from buying any as I have far too many nail polishes already. Then when I saw one of Zoella's videos in which she raved about how good they were, I caved and got two colours to take on holiday with me - Passionfruit and Greenberry.

I got them at the airport, and used them while I was in Greece. I wasn't impressed, at all. Yes, the colours are absolutely gorgeous, but the nail polish formula is absolutely horrible. The formula is really thick and gloopy, very difficult to spread, and it dries quicker than you can spread it, so you get a very streaky and uneven finish. 

After getting very frustrated I tried to get it all off with nail polish remover and start again - the Passionfruit colour went all over my hands, making me look as if I'd murdered someone. Thankfully Mum came to the rescue, got it all off for me and then re-painted them. She's amazing at doing nails, but even she hated the formula, so it wasn't just me and my incompetency to paint my nails. It took her forever to get them to look ok, but we eventually got there, so thank you to her for saving my holiday nails!

I really do love the colours, Passionfruit is a light bright summer red, and Greenberry is a bright aqua/turquoise, but I won't be repurchasing due to the hassle of using the actual nail polish. Also they only last a day or two before flaking off and chipping, as I didn't use a top coat. I'm hoping these were just a bad batch, as I need these colours in my life, but after talking to others it sounds like other people are having the same issue I had :( boo.



  1. Couldn't agree more with you more - such amazing colours

  2. ah good, I keep seeing them and wondering whether I should purchase but I think I'll stick to my Models Own obsession.

  3. I have 5 of these polishes (not including these 2 colours) and the only one I've found absolutely awful to apply is Lychee, the others apply like normal though. I agree with the longevity too, it's pretty shocking. xx

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