Saturday, 27 July 2013

Ilumi - Healthy & Free From Ready Meals.

Last week I was kindly sent some packets of the Ilumi Aromatic Thai Red Chicken Curry and Yellow Basmati Rice. Ilumi is a company that produce 'delicious foods for pleasure and wellbeing', all of their foods are suitable for people with allergies, as all of them are nut, gluten and milk free. It's quite difficult to get curries that are gluten and milk free, as the gluten is in the thickeners used in the sauces, and milk is often added to the sauces. I was intrigued to try these, and as you just bung them in the microwave for 2 minutes I decided to have them for lunch one day at work.

Apologies for the awful photo below, it was a bit awkward trying to photograph my lunch in the lunch room without people thinking I was weird, so I was trying to be sneaky...and as you can see, it didn't really work very well.

The Yellow Basmati Rice is absolutely delicious, I would have happily eaten it by itself without the curry! It was full of flavour and tasted far better than normal microwavable rice does. The Aromatic Thai Red Chicken Curry was also delicious. There was quite a lot of sauce as you can see, and the sauce was thinner than a normal curry sauce, but that's because it's gluten free. It isn't a very spicy curry, but the flavours were incredible, really intense and tasty. 

My boss at work is gluten intolerant, so every so often we try some of her gluten-free food just to see how horrid it really is, so I know how truly horrid a lot of gluten-free foods are. These Ilumi products definitely did not taste like normal gluten-free foods, the rice and curry just tasted...normal, and in fact had far more flavour than a lot of store-bought curries. The only problem is that I think it would have been a little better with less sauce.

All of Ilumi's products are made with organic ingredients and produced in the North of England, so they're really quite healthy for a ready-meal. If you count calories this entire meal was just under 600 calories, but it was huge so could have easily been two portions, making it under 300 calories each if you shared it.

I'd really recommend Ilumi if you're allergic to nuts, milk or gluten. You can buy their products on their website, and they have a huge variety of products. I'd say they're average priced for ready-meals, they're the same sort of prices you'd pay in a supermarket.

Have you tried any of their products? I think I might order the meatballs and chilli con carne - they look delish!



  1. Never heard of this brand, I will have to check it out though :)

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