Saturday, 25 May 2013

Summer Wish List 2013.

With summer coming up I've been trawling the online world for bargains...and not so bargains. Summer is busy for me, and is always full of events and dress codes, but always heaps of fun too! So, here's my wish list for this season!

This Topshop dress is seriously cute! Absolutely in love! I'm a huge fan of skater shaped dresses as they suit my shape - nip in at the waist which is my smallest part, and flare out to cover my tummy and huge hips.

Ahhh totally in love with these shoes from ASOS! They're just so simple and classy and would go with everything, from dresses and skirts to jeans. The only problem is I really don't have the ankles for anything that cuts them off :(

I have way too many bikinis, so I'm just going to lust over this Japanese Flower bikini from Zara (Top and Bottoms). It's beautiful, non?

Half of my wardrobe is filled with jackets, coats and blazers. It's an issue. If I had the room, I'd totally get this one from Zara, super versatile for the summer it would love gorgeous with my white Moschino jeans, a casual top and a big slouchy bag or my Zara Office City Bag.

Talking of bags...I'm in love with the colour and gold detailing on this ASOS one. As well as every other Zara bag in stock right now.

And finally, love this lace skirt from H&M! So so pretty! 

With these things on my wish list and far too many things on my ‘needs’ list (I’ve been needing a new LBD and new jeans for months now), I’m pretty sure I need to apply for a credit card! On the plus side, they’re good for your credit rating, which I need to think about if I’m wanting to buy a flat in the next year or so! 

What's on your Summer Wish List?

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  1. I love the first dress! Perfect style and the colour is simply perfect for summer! xx

  2. I love EVERYTHING you've picked- thank god I didn't read this before I went shopping yesterday, or I seriously would have bankrupted myself. The mint bag is so beautiful!! xx

  3. That green ASOS bag is stunning! Love it :)

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