Saturday, 2 February 2013

Lux Box - December.

When I first saw that there was a beauty box called 'Lux Box', I got so excited! As you may be aware, my surname is Lux, so naturally, as the name is quite unusual here in the UK, I instantly thought, I must be the face of this product. Just kidding, but I did joke about it on Twitter which the company saw, and although sadly I can't be the face of Lux Box they did send me a complimentary box instead. 

A few weeks ago I received the December box, which had rave reviews from beauty bloggers all over the blogosphere. Sorry this is late, but I've been super busy and it's so difficult having the time to take decent photos when the light is good.

I really love the Sheercover eyeshadow palette that came in this box, the colours are so gorgeous! Sadly I can't use them as the ingredients irritate my eyes, so I think I may do a giveaway soon with all the products I've got from beauty boxes but can't use. What do you think?

I was really impressed with all of the full-sized products in the December Lux Box, it's so rare that a beauty box contains so many full-sized products, which made a really nice change! Also included in the box was Sheercover Base Perfector Primer. Sadly this product really didn't agree with my skin - after using it it made me break out in really big yucky pimples, so this will also be going in the 'can't use' box I'm filling up!

I'm not usually a fan of bars of soap as they always slip out of my hands, but these smell amaaazing! I'm definitely going to use them as they smell too lush not to use! 

I haven't tried the Mashooq Deep Penetrating Hair Oil yet, but if it's any good I'll do a separate review of it! I got a sample size of 25ml, but this should last me a few usages.

I didn't get the Green People Fruit Scrub, I'm guessing they ran out, but they put in an extra bar of soap instead. I loved the surprise of the beauty box, but it did remind me of why I cancelled my Glossybox subscription...I just can't use all of the products in it because of my silly sensitive skin :( *sigh*. If I could use any product I wanted without the worry of irritation, I would definitely sub to Lux Box, because it just has so many great products in it! I've also seen quite a few reviews from other bloggers and Lux Box always has far more full-sized products than any other beauty box.

The final value of this box is over £55, yet the boxes only cost £10 plus £2.95 P&P! Bargain!

Have you tried Lux Box? What are your thoughts?


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  1. I would love to try those soaps, and the palette looks great as well!!


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