Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Sale Bargains.

I'm a bit of a fanatic when it comes to the sales. I barely go in-store during sales though, I generally sit at home with a big mug of hot milo, Harry Potter on the TV, browsing through the online sales. This year I was very good and only bought things I actually need rather than just things I want...sort of. Let's put it this way; I abandoned my shopping cart so many times after realizing I won't use or wear the item, that the company I work for should do a case study on me.

Honestly though, I didn't go crazy this year, but what I did buy, I'm really pleased with. Firstly I got a new pair of shoes, they're really boring, just plain black flats, so I won't bother showing you those.Secondly, I got a new bottle of the DKNY Red Delicious perfume, as mine recently ran out. I got the 50ml bottle for just £24 from Boots, reduced from £48! It's still on offer, so you can get it for that price too - just click the link above. For me this is the perfect summer perfume, and I'll do a review on it soon.

I went to Sainsburys the other day to get lunch, and saw the huge sales in the electronics section. I've been needing a new ipod speaker for a while, so had a look, and saw this bargain! Reduced from £40 to £14, and these speakers are amazing. They're really easy to use and really powerful, the only downside is you need it plugged into the mains, so it's no good for holding a party in the middle of a field.

I also got a bead/pearl collar from Primark for just £2 reduced from £5. It's an exact dupe of the Topshop one - booyah!

Before Christmas I got these shoes in the sale from Clarks of all places! I've been looking for new loafers for a while, mainly for driving in, and fell in love with these. I think Clarks really does have some gems every so often. Most of the time it's filled with clumpy 'sensible' shoes, but every so often I see shoes and think 'I need those!'. These remind me hugely of the famous Gucci Loafers! They're just simple, classic and so so incredibly comfortable.

I know it's a controversial subject, but I have a bit of a thing about black and blue - I absolutely love it.

What have you found in the sales? Have you been getting what you want, or just what you need?



  1. I usually go totally mental, but this time I planned to just go with a friend to the Bullring on one specific day, which we did. I was really lucky and did manage to pick up some shoes which had sold out on the Topshop site before I'd had chance to order them, so I was pleased with that. Other than that I did try to shop a little more sensibly than usual.

    1. Ooh Topshop sales are always good! I saw a lot of lovely things, but managed to stop myself lol, regretting it now!

      C x

  2. I hit Guildford on boxing day to see if I could find any gems. It was surprisingly dead, and a pleasure to shop! Unfortunately because Im a fussy git, I only found one thing but you should definitely go next year. I totally get the blue and black thing...


    1. Ah, Guildford is my local town :) will try and get there next year for the sales!

      C x

  3. Dear Anon,

    I haven't published your comment - sorry. However, I know you'll most likely check back to see if I have, so I have just two questions for you.
    1. Why do you still have me on Facebook? It would be much easier for you to simply delete me and never have to read my 'dull' and 'selfish' musings again.
    2. Why do you care so much?

    In future, please private message me on Facebook - I would much rather know exactly who dislikes me enough to spend their time posting abusive messages on my blog, rather than you hiding behind 'Anon'.


  4. I bought a water bottle, purse and a bus pass holder for all 50% off and "needed" them all. :)

    I say "needed" lightly as I suppose in the wider scheme of things a lot of things we don't actually need to survive. lol


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