Thursday, 10 January 2013

Naked Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner.

As a lot of you know I've been on the hunt for natural products recently. I came across the Naked range in Boots a few weeks back, and am in love. My hair has never felt so light and weightless, and it smells amazing! I first tried the Smooth & Silky Range for straight/longer hair. My hair isn't straight, it's wavy, but it is long, and I often straighten it so I've used this before straightening.These products are 97% natural and don't contain any parabens, sulphates, or petrochemicals, and aren't tested on animals.

The shampoo doesn't lather as well as normal ones, but that's because it doesn't contain any SLS's. It still lathers enough, and smells incredible, I also quite like the fact the shampoo and conditioner have different scents. The conditioner is thick and creamy, spreads through the hair well, and is probably my favourite smelling product ever, I just love it so much! 

The packaging is simple and basic but cute with the tone of voice and little images. The conditioner bottle is quite annoying and when there isn't much left in it, it can be difficult to get it out, but the Shampoo bottle is much easier to use. Also I broke the rules of photographing before you use the product - sorry! 

My hair has honestly never felt better. It feels so light and weightless, and is silky smooth and soft. These products are also super budget friendly, as they're only £4 each, or sometimes Boots have a 2 for £6 deal on them. The only issue I have is that the shampoo contains sodium hydroxymethylglycinate, which is possibly worse than parabens as it's even more of an irritant. So far it's ok, so far it hasn't irritated my scalp or skin, so as long as it doesn't I'll continue using it, but if it does then I'll have to stop.

Stay tuned for more reviews on the Naked Range including their body butter!



  1. I love Naked products. My favourites are the rose body wash and the intensive conditioner. I've tried a couple of the shampoos but I'm not loving them as I feel like I need to do about 3 washes to get a good clean!
    Love this review :)
    Hope you're well lovely!!
    N xoxo

  2. I really like this brand - I have tried their curl shampoo & conditioner & loved that. I want to try a few more bits from them this year. They have such a good range

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