Sunday, 18 November 2012

Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets.

This post is kinda gross, but it's also a problem we all encounter, both men and women. Shiny face. Particularly prevalent in clubs when everyone's dancing and getting all hot and sweaty, its annoyance isn't just while you're in the club, as it can be preserved for ever in the photographs taken in said clubs. 

Us girlies try and cover it in endless supplies of powder, locking the sweat and grime into our skin and wondering why we look so terrible the following day, whilst men can only grin and bear it or run to the bathrooms and mop it up with tissue. 

Enter, Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets. You are supposed to use them to 'Dab away excess oil and keep your make-up intact', and do they work? Yes. You get 50 sheets in a pack, and they're £2.99 from Superdrug. You use them to blot your face, remove the shine, and your make-up as advertised, stays in place.

As you already know, I go clubbing a lot, and when dancing wildly my t-zone goes a wee bit crazy, so for me, these have been my saviour over the past week. Here's a really disgusting photo of a used sheet, showing just how well they work.

These blotting sheets really are great, and they contain no powder like some other blotting sheets, and they slip into my little clutch bag and take up hardly any space - result! Plus, as they don't contain powder they would be great for men too, although maybe Kleenex should alter their rather feminine packaging?

Have you used these? What blotting sheets have you tried?


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  1. Thats not a gross post!
    I use them when I go to the gym or when I go to a gig! They come in handy.
    Fab post xo

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