Sunday, 5 August 2012

Afternoon Tea at Great Fosters.

Last week it was one of my closest friends' 21st birthday, so our little group went to Great Fosters hotel in Virginia Water for afternoon tea to celebrate. The hotel was originally built as a hunting lodge in the 1500's, and is absolutely beautiful. 

The afternoon tea was delicious, and the raspberry macaroons to die for! The only issue really was that it was quite pricey considering the portion sizes. I've had more food for a cheaper price at afternoon tea places in London. We got three afternoon teas at £21 each (they assured us this would be enough for all five of us), but they put it all on one tiered stand to make it easier, and as you can see from the photo below, you didn't get much food for a total of £63...

This tiered stand alone, cost us £63.
 To be fair it did fill us up, and it was very yummy, I just thought it was pricey for what you got.

The perfect gift for Ursula - a candle in a vintage inspired tea cup!

The delicious desserts!

Sadly it appears I'm terrible at choosing friends who compliment me, they're all completely gorgeous and have legs like a models, compared to my short stumpy things, so please excuse/ignore my legs in the photos.

We had great fun with this mirrored sculpture in the garden, trying to get all five of us in the shot by standing in different places. As you can see, we just about managed it!

Ursula, Myself and Emma. Best friends from school.

I just had to do a silly photo as soon as I saw this statue hiding!

The five of us! (do you see what I mean by the legs? *nods*)

I found a statue to hide in....

While Dannii found a new man...
 After a day of sweet delights and running around the grounds like children, we headed home...

Then we got bored at home and went to MKB in Guildford for end of day drinks...

Great Fosters on Urbanspoon Square Meal


  1. I love this post - I want to go and get a teapot/strainer and china tea cups now... seriously - they'll have to have polka dots on tho :p

    Subscribed! :)

    1. Oh my gosh same! When I get my own place the first thing I'm buying is a matching tea set - even though I don't actually like tea haha!


  2. Looks lovely! Although it does sound ridiculously expensive! Those cakes and deserts look yummy! This makes me feel like going for cake and tea somewhere posh now!

    1. Do it! It's so nice to treat yourself every so often :)


  3. Ohh I'd like to go there! A tad pricey but I wouldn't mind paying £21 because you're also paying for the experience. The cakes look delicious and you all look lovely x

    1. Yes, that's what we thought, you're paying for the location and access to the grounds as well as the food really.

      Thank you!


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  5. I love days when you can run round with a group of friends as if you were still kids. Cakes look yummy, shame about the price!


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