Saturday, 4 August 2012

South Beverly Grill.

When we were in Beverly Hills, this was our favourite restaurant. The atmosphere is trendy and cool, with soft lighting, a live jazz band playing, and that 'modern retro' decor type of thing going on. South Beverly Grill also has the best bbq ribs you will ever taste in your life. Fact.

Now, I'm a bit of a bbq ribs fanatic, as is my mum...if ribs are on the menu, we'll have em, slathered in bbq sauce with crispy fries on the side to dip into said sauce. We've had a fair few ribs in our time, and we both agreed that these were the best. 

Deliciously succulent and tender, the thick chunks of meat literally fell off with just the touch of the didn't even have to pull or cut the meat away! And the bbq sauce wasn't the usual artificial tasting rubbish, it tasted real.We were in Heaven.

If you're a local, you'll probably already know this joint. If you're heading to Beverly Hills any time soon, go eat here. You will not be disappointed! It's on South Beverly Drive, right off Wilshire Boulevard near Rodeo Drive, and there's no need to book.

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  1. Those ribs lots mouth watering good!

    1. I still drool just thinking about them, haha!

  2. Where is this restaurant?? It can't be in Beverly Hills can it? I want to go here! x

    1. Yes, it's in Beverly Hills! 5 minute walk from Rodeo Drive :)


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