Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Figs and Rouge.

You might have guessed by now, but I'm a HUGE fan of lip balm. I have naturally dry lips so always have to carry the stuff on me everywhere I go. I always tended to stick to the Lucas' Papaw Ointment, until I got the Figs and Rouge lip balm in my April Glossybox. I got the Rambling Rose flavour, which I hated, BUT, I loved the texture and the softness it gave my lips...so I bought the Coco Vanilla and Wild Cherry flavours...and it is love.

Coca Vanilla I tend to use any time, as it's a very easy 'flavour' to have and isn't too strong. It leaves your lips feeling deliciously soft and moist, a little like butter, actually. And the fact it's 100% organic just makes it even better! AND, how pretty is the packaging!?

Wild Cherry is perfect for when you're in the mood for it, but isn't really an 'any time' flavour. It has quite a strong hint of orange in it which can be a little too overpowering at times, hence you have to be in the mood for that type of taste. But like the Coca Vanilla it leaves your lips feeling amazing!

So now I'm at a loss, I can't decide whether I prefer the Figs&Rouge or Papaw Ointment better...so at the moment they're all in my handbag and I just grab whichever one my fingers find first.The only bad thing about the Figs&Rouge lip balm's, is that the tin's can be quite difficult to open at times...it seems to be because the bottom part of the tin is smaller than the lid part so you can't get a firm grip on it to twist and lift the lid off.

Have you tried the Figs&Rouge lip balm? What's your favourite flavour?



  1. Sounds great! I really need a decent lip balm, many don't seem to do anything as I too have naturally dry lips. I see it is sold in Boots, may have to look. :) Plus the fact it is petroleum free makes me want some. lol

  2. I bought the coco vanilla one. Love it! Except it took ages for me to get the lid off the first time. lol

    1. Yay! How lush is it!? Ooh, totally forgot to mention that *edits post* - yeh, I find it hard to open them sometimes too.


    2. I love it! Makes my lips feel good. :) I think everyone else does too as they had loads of cherry but only one vanilla so I got lucky! :D

      I don't know what people thought I was doing haha I was trying to prize it open with my nail file. XD I just try and make sure I don't close the lid too tightly now.

    3. Ow yay! So glad you like it!

      Haha, yeh, just close it lightly :)


  3. thanks for sharing.


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