Thursday, 12 April 2012

Slutty Brownies Fail.

Yesterday I attempted to make these Slutty Brownies that have been going round Pinterest. I failed...

I'm at the Uni house at the mo trying to power out two essays (my final ones!!) for next week, and decided to give these a go as a form of procrastination. They're supposed to be all gooey and melty in the middle where the oreos you can see from the photos, mine were very hard and cake-like. I think I should just give up with *attempting* to bake. All I had to do was throw some Betty Crocker together, shove some oreos in and throw them in the oven. 

The Disaster.
All was going well - I mixed the cookie mixture successfully, cracked my eggs perfectly, and even eventually managed to mix in the correct amount of water and oil (after first attempting to measure their 'ml' in weighing scales rather than a measuring jug, and wondering why it was showing me 'grams'). Then the first disaster struck. My avocado, chicken and cheese toastie was to save time I decided to try and multi-task and eat it while mixing the Brownie mixture. Cue a couple of slips and; avocado slipping out of the sandwich and dropping into the mixing bowl whilst I was mixing furiously...never to be seen again. My thoughts 'It's only a bit of one will taste it...' Oh how wrong was I! 
Second disaster was the cooking time. I pre-heated the oven nicely, had it on gas mark 4 as instructed, and left it in for 30 instructed. I took it out after 30 minutes, stuck a knife in to find it wasn't cooked through, so back in they went. 15 minutes later I took them out...still not cooked. Back in again. Then, as happens with most of my baking...I forgot about them. When I eventually remembered I found them a little blackened around the edges, very cake like and not gooey at all, and when I tasted some they tasted...of brownies mixed with avocado. YUCK. Needless to say they went straight into the bin. 

I think maybe I should give up trying to bake. It never goes well. Out of all the baking I have done throughout my life (believe me...I have attempted hundreds of  times), only one thing has ever been edible. And it was heaven. It was moist. It was delicious. It was a miracle. It was home-made banana cake. This happened two years ago...and it hasn't happened again since *sob*

The AMAZING Banana Cake! I promise it isn't burnt on top...that's just the light lol!



  1. Don't worry - my attempt at slutty brownies failed miserably too! Mine weren't done after 30 minutes and went back in for nearly an hour and by that point I didn't even want to eat them because I was so fed up! And I'm pretty good at baking so don't worry about it! The avocado bit made me laugh!

    1. Haha, I think I just have to accept that I will never own a bakery!

      Sorry yours didn't work out either...but I am glad I'm not the only one, hehe.


  2. Keep working at it! I'm sure one day you'll be a pro :)

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