Monday, 21 November 2011

Nosy Puppy.

Sunday is always my relaxing day, I have a lie-in, take the dog for a walk, and spend time with my family. Yesterday I took Dylan up to the downs where we walk him, and it was thick fog! All i could think of was 'The Lovely Bones'. I was absolutely bloomin terrified! Poor Dylan, I eventually let him off his lead and he went running off, and then came running back to me and did a lil jump in the air and a small run before looking at me all confused as if to say 'what are you doing!? I want my walk!' No way was I going into that fog! So I just stood there by the entrance to the downs and kept telling him 'where's the cat!? Chase the cat!' and he went running round searching for this non-existent cat.
Then I got spooked when I saw the dark figure of a man suddenly come through the fog, so I ran away and we went straight home, dragging Dylan with me, obviously.

The fog!

Dylan always sits by the window with his head resting on the sill,
staring out and watching the world go by. Such a nosy little puppy!


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