Thursday, 27 October 2011

Phantom of the Opera.

So yesterday I went to see POTO at Her Majesty's Theatre in London. It was the fourth time I've seen the show on stage, and to be honest, I was disappointed. As usual the costumes, the acting, the music etc etc was fantastic. It was the casting that was the issue!
Sofia Escobar was playing Christine, and I was not impressed. She had quite a strong accent, and I couldn't work out where she was from, I then looked in the programme during the interval to see she's Portuguese. She seriously needs elocution lessons, because her pronunciations were all wrong, and it really got to me. Also she was a fantastic singer when she was singing high notes, but at the low notes she sounded very nasally and her accent came through. Which also really annoyed me. Raoul was played by Killian Donnelly, and he was brilliant. Very very good actor and singer. Not as good as Hadley Fraser, but still very talented. Now the Phantom, I'm not sure who was playing him last night. John Owen-Jones is listed as the Phantom, but it sounded nothing like him, so I'm guessing it was the standby Scott Davies. I've seen John Owen-Jones in Les Mis, so would have recognized his voice as it is incredibly strong, and absolutely perfect for the role of Phantom, but the Phantom last night had a veryyyy weak voice and couldn't really get the big notes. When the music would soar and I'd expect a big note, it would never come, and instead he would adapt the note/key whatever to fit his apparently weak voice, and I would end up disappointed. I was not impressed.

Andrew Lloyd Webber - Sort out your casting!!!!

Rant over. It still remains one of my favourite musicals of all time though :)


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