Sunday, 16 October 2011

Facebook Timeline.

Sorry the photo isn't very big, but I had to screenshot the page. So, today I got the Facebook Timeline. I got so fed up of waiting for it to arrive by itself that I did what many other people have done, and created a fake 'App' so I would be classed as a 'Facebook Developer' and be able to get the Timeline ASAP.

At first I was really worried about it and didn't want Facebook to change, but actually, I'm kinda in love with this new Facebook. It's easy and simple to use, it has a fresh modern feel to it, you can control the privacy settings for each individual post, and the bit I love the can see your wall posts and status's etc from way back when you first got Facebook, 2007 in my case. I spent hours going through them all laughing my arse off! Especially the comments and wall posts from friends when I first moved to Australia - hilarious! So so funny! Here is a beautiful example; (Please note, we are not and never have been, in any way, lesbians, we're just far too comfortable with each other.)



  1. I hate the new fb. I got the new one on a secondary account and am really glad I didn't do it on my main. I hate every change they make though. Soon as you start to get used to something, they go and F it up.

  2. I usually hate the FB changes, but this one, I LOVE! It's awesome :)

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