Thursday, 8 September 2011

Puppy Play Time.

Dylan makes me laugh so much! He's almost 2 years old but he's still such a puppy, he loves playing and gets so excited when he meets new people or we get home. He races to the door, and as soon as the door is opened he runs back into the kitchen or living room, grabs one of his toys or a blanket and then runs to the person and 'shows' it to them. It's so funny.
What inspired me to write this blog post is Dylan's 'play time'...quite often in the afternoons after his after lunchtime nap he'll entertain himself by playing with his toys or blankets (it's very funny when he gets himself all wrapped up and stuck in them). This afternoon he decided he was going to play with his tennis ball...all of a sudden while I was watching Border Security UK I see a tennis ball go flying and Dylan jumping in the air and rolling around on the floor with it. It was so funny I just had to get some photos. Next time I'll try and get a video so you can see the full beauty of my puppy dog's play time.
Enjoy :)

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