Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Frank Sinatra.

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved Frank Sinatra. I love the old greats...Glenn Miller, Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Etta James etc. I just had to share this song with you all. It is one I have loved for a long long time, years ago I used to listen to it to help me get to sleep. It never had any real meaning to me it does.

Send in the Clowns

[Spoken intro]
This is a song about a couple of adult people who have spent, oh, quite a long time
together, till one day
one of 'em gets restless and decides to leave. Whether it's the man or woman who left is unimportant.
It's a breakup.
It's a lovely marriage of words and music, written by Stephen Sondheim.

Isn't it rich? Are we a pair?
Me here at last on the ground and you in mid-air
Send in the clowns

Isn't it bliss? Don't you approve?
One who keeps tearing around and one who can't move
But where are the clowns? Send in the clowns

Just when I stopped opening doors
Finally finding the one that I wanted was yours
Making my entrance again with my usual flair

Sure of my lines
Nobody's there

Don't you love a farce? My fault, I fear
I thought that you'd want what I want, sorry my dear
But where are the clowns? Send in the clowns
Don't bother they're here

Isn't it rich? Isn't it queer?
Losing my timing this late in my career
But where are the clowns? There ought to be clowns
Well, maybe next year


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