Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Childerley Hall Siesta Fiesta Food Festival.

Last weekend a group of friends and I made the journey up to Cambridge for a food festival. Our friend Caspar is one of the co-founder's of the Siesta Fiesta food festival at Childerley Hall. It's an annual event that was launched last year, so this year a few of us went up to support him and the others. Naturally we're a little biased, but it was a really fun afternoon with some really delicious food!

We started with food and drink in the gardens before going on a tour of the grounds of the house. Oli, Caspar, and I all opted for pizza (Oli bought three pizzas for himself...Caspar and I just had one each), while Lotte went for a burger. The burger looked insanely good, but the pizzas were definitely the right choice. I had pepperoni with peppers and rocket, and the base was just perfect; really thin and crispy and freshly made in the pizza oven right in front of us.

As we were all driving we had the 'virgin' cocktail, which was a very fruity concoction that was perfect for washing down all the food!

We then went on a tour around the gorgeous grounds. The gardens are just beautiful, I adored the wildflowers and how they weren't perfectly manicured lawns but full of long grasses and pretty flowers. It was like a secret garden, with hidden nooks and corners for playing hide and seek, and a lake with a little island in the middle (we all crossed the bridge and found that the five of us had to squish on's quite little).

There was also a chapel were a wine tasting masterclass was going on, and out the front of the main house was a stunning 1972 Ferrari Dino!

It was getting quite chilly at this point as sadly the sun had disappeared, so we decided it was time for dessert. I was a bit of a greedy pig and had Churros with banoffee sauce and two Green Apple & Gin sorbets. I mean, sorbet is healthy right? So really it doesn't even count?

The Green Apple & Gin sorbet was probably the best sorbet I've ever had. It was just delicious! After a short tour around the farm and a visit to the calves, I decided to head home. It was a chilly Sunday evening and I had work the next day, and was very tired from a busy week, so I left the others to enjoy the after-party without a repeat of that time Caspar had to look after me when drunk *ahem*.

We all had a really lovely afternoon, and I can't recommend Childerley Hall's Siesta Fiesta enough if you want a country food festival set amongst a beautiful backdrop with excellent local food and drink! They even had a Cuban band playing! It was such a lovely change from the generic London food festivals with the same old street food vendors. We will definitely be back next year!

Friday, 15 May 2015

Grey Goose VX Launch Party.

Last night I attended the ultra exclusive launch party of VX, a new vodka with a hint of cognac by French vodka brand Grey Goose. It was a rather stylish affair in the Rumpus Room of The Mondrian on Southbank. Clean Bandit played a live set (video at the bottom!), and then they also performed with Rae Morris (which sadly I didn't film)!

I took Edd and Toni along with me, and then we also bumped into Clerkenwell Boy! It was so lovely to catch up with them all again! We spent the evening sipping various concoctions of delicious cocktails, munching on the most incredible canapes and mini opera cakes, and then naturally we had to have a taste of the Grey Goose VX. I must say it was pretty good vodka! They recommend you drink it 'on the rocks', but it's far too strong for me so I think I'd have to have it in a cocktail.

A huge thank you to Grey Goose for inviting me to celebrate the launch of VX, we had such a brilliant night and we met some really interesting people, including Nik from Ada + Nik! Such a lovely guy and really passionate about the fashion industry. I also got to meet my childhood/teenage celeb crush - Charlie from Busted. Score! 

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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Superga x Liberty Art Fabrics.

I don't often post about collaborations, unless it's one that really excites me. I adore Liberty prints, every summer I look forward to seeing which shoe retailer they're going to collaborate with. I loved the Nike collab, but Nike trainers just aren't me no matter how on-trend they are. So when I discovered that one of my favourite trainer brands, Superga, were this years Spring Summer collab partner, I knew this would be a goodun.

Superga are an Italian trainer brand that I love, you may have seen me wearing mine in this post, and they're known for doing amazing partnerships with some really cool people and brands. Take a look at the new Liberty print designs below! I'm lusting after the Pepper, Michael and Misti patterns, but the Ciara is a little too out there for me! At £55 they're not cheap, but they're also not exactly expensive. You get what you pay for, and with Superga you know you're getting a good quality trainer that's fashionable as well as practical.

Which one is your favourite?

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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Selfridges On The Roof With Vintage Salt.

You may remember how last year I went to On The Roof With Q, and gave you the lowdown on how bloody awesome it was. Well over winter it turned into Le Chalet, and this summer the Selfridges Rooftop Pop-up is called Vintage Salt, and is a nod to the typical Cornish seaside village. I'm off to Cornwall in September with the family, so was very excited to visit Vintage Salt and get into the Cornish spirit.

On the roof with vintage salt selfridges rooftop

Claire and I popped down a few days after it opened last week to test it out, and although it wasn't as great as On The Roof With Q, it was still pretty good and well worth visiting! The weather may have had something to do with our decision, as it was blowing a gale and pouring with rain, whereas last year the sun was out and we sat with the warmth on our backs sipping on cocktails. Due to the weather the roof was over and the sides up, so we didn't venture around the side to see the beach huts (yes, they have beach huts!). 

Selfridges on the roof with vintage salt restaurant

We sat by the window and started with spiced tuna tartare with avocado and pickled cucumber, and a Pink Lemonade. The tuna tartare was absolutely perfect, it had so much flavour and the tuna was just delicious.

Selfridges on the roof with vintage salt restaurant tuna tartare

Selfridges on the roof with vintage salt pink lemonade

Claire had the lamb chops for mains, and said it was really tasty. It certainly looked good and I got quite a bit of food envy! 

Selfridges on the roof with vintage salt restaurant lamb

I decided to go Cornish and have the Camden Hells fried fish & chips. Fish & Chips has to be my favourite comfort food, and due to the weather it was what I desperately needed. The fish was huge and perfect and very tasty, but at the end of the day it's hard to do a bad fish & chips, unless you manage to make the batter soggy.

Selfridges on the roof with vintage salt fish and chips

For dessert we opted for the Brownie Sundae Dip, which was basically a deconstructed sundae. Chunks of chocolate brownie with marshmallow and caramel sauce, and a huge scoop of caramel ice-cream underneath an ice-cream cone. It was pretty spectacular, and very instagrammable!

Selfridges on the roof with vintage salt brownie sundae dip dessert

Selfridges on the roof with vintage salt brownie sundae dip dessert

We did love Vintage Salt, and I really want to go back soon on a sunny day to try some of the other dishes and experience the roof terrace in all it's glory! The Breton-striped staff were quite slow, similar to last year, but were very friendly. I'd avoid the fish & chips as it's quite overpriced for what it is, but the rest of the food was simply delicious. The tuna tartare was pure perfection! We went early on a Tuesday evening and it was quite empty, but I'm sure it'll get busier when the weather warms up.

on the roof with vintage salt restaurant selfridges

Did you go to On The Roof With Q or Le Chalet?
Do you think you'll give Vintage Salt a try?

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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Burts Bees Lip Crayon - Napa Vineyard.

Now you know that I don't often do beauty posts, but when I was in Australia back in March I saw the Burts Bees Lip Crayons in Myer, and immediately wanted one. I love all things Burts Bees, but hadn't seen the lip crayons before in the UK, so I did a quick Google to check if they were in the UK and if so were they cheaper than in Australia. I couldn't find them anywhere online, so after a quick chat with their Twitter team I discovered that they weren't actually due to be released in the UK until May!

Burts Bees Lip Crayon Napa Vineyard UK

As I'd already fallen in love with the Napa Vineyard shade I went straight back to the shops to grab one. At about $17 they weren't super pricey, and that worked out at around £10. Napa Vineyard is a really deep berry red, that's incredibly build-able. I already had a bright red Rimmel lip crayon, but as you all know I much prefer using natural organic products if I can.

Burts Bees Lip Crayon Napa Vineyard Swatch UK

The swatch above is actually really true to the actual real-life colour, I adore it, it's such a gorgeous colour and it really lasts throughout the day. I do find though that despite containing shea butter, kendi oil and jojoba oil, the lip crayons are actually quite drying on my lips, so I put Burts Bees lip balm on first and then the lip crayon, which I find really helps.

Burts Bees Lip Crayon Napa Vineyard

With all lip crayons the packaging is quite chunky, as is the nib. I actually really love this and think it's quite fun, it still does feel very strange 'crayoning' lipstick onto my lips though...I'm not sure I'll ever get over feeling like a child every time I apply it...

You can't really see it very well due to the crappy quality/lighting/filter, but I'm wearing it in the photo below.

I much prefer the Burts Bees lip crayon to the Rimmel lip crayon, so would definitely recommend it! The pigmentation is just amazing and the colour stays on for so long. As they've just come out in the UK (you can currently purchase them on the Burts Bees UK website) I'm probably gonna get a couple more :)

Watch my little Australian food and beauty haul video below! The Burts Bees lip crayon part starts from around 4minutes in.

What's your favourite lip crayon?

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